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updated Sat. April 21, 2018

"France, you are abetting terrorism, supporting it by then hosting them at the Elysee Palace," he said on Saturday. Erdogan made further accusations against France, acccusing French business of aiding "YPG terrorists", the pro-Erdogan Daily Sabah newspaper reported. France, like the United States, ... terror attacks
Among the measures that drew the greatest support were expelling foreign nationals on France's terror watchlist (backed by 80 percent of respondents) and preventing French jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq (78 percent). These measures, which experts point out would likely face legal ... government

French police officer hailed a hero after terror attack, dies from his injuries. Sat, Mar 24. Arnaud Beltrame was one of the first officers to respond to the attack on a French supermarket, swapping places with a hostage. Share Video; Facebook · Twitter · E-mail; Embed. Copy this code to your website or blog. police
More than 230 people have died in a series of Islamist-inspired terror attacks in France over the past three years, including 17 in a mass shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January 2015 and 130 in the Paris attacks the following November. In 2016, 86 people died in Nice when ... terror attack
Suspect dead after France supermarket terror attack. Fri, Mar 23. The suspect, who pledged allegiance to ISIS and has been identified as Redouane Lakdim, hijacked a car, killing a passenger, and opened fire on police officers before he took hostages inside a French supermarket. Share Video; Facebook · Twitter · ...

A woman who claimed €25,000 in compensation after posing as a victim of the 2015 Paris terror attacks was sentenced Thursday to four and a half years in ... impersonating a victim of the carnage at the national stadium and Paris nightspots on November 13, 2015, France's worst attacks since World War II.
All of this data is, of course, good news for French luxury stakeholders. It's nonetheless clear that sales haven't fully recovered from 2016 and the financial impact of France's 2015 attacks will likely only be fully ameliorated in 2018. It's not simply the terror attacks that factor into this discussion. France also ... Police
Barcelona terror attack suspects arrested in France. Three people have been detained in connection with August's terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. The arrests were made in the French regions of Gard and Tarn, following a joint French and Spanish police operation. A policemen stand as he blocks the street to a ... Police
Sales of watches worth more than 5,000 euros (S$8,200) each saw an increase of eight per cent in 2017 over 2016, a year when visitor numbers dwindled following a series of terror attacks in France, the Franceclat body said in its annual report. "The return of tourists, notably Chinese, explains much of the ... Police
Images from the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack are up against the heart wrenching Rohingya suffering. A passer-by comforts a woman injured in the Westminster terror attacks in London. World Press Photo Foundation. 7. A passer-by comforts a woman injured in the Westminster terror attacks in ... Police
Speaking to BBC Turkish Radio, Yıldırım raised a number of issues including the ongoing operation in northwestern Syria, Turkey-U.S relations and the Russian and French reaction to Turkey's move. On Jan. 20, Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch to clear PYD/PKK and Daesh terrorists from Afrin. Police
PARIS -- A French court has acquitted a man of charges of harboring killers who carried out the 2015 Paris terror attacks in the first trial related to the ... criminal, not guilty of providing lodging to two of the attackers and helping them hide from police when they were the most-wanted criminals in France. Police
... roughly 13,000 tickets to fly from the UK to Tunisia, although this is only about a quarter of the number it took there prior to the June 2015 terror attack in Sousse. It has, however, continued to fly tourists from the Continent whose governments did not change their travel advice, such as France and Belgium. Police
Abdeslam will face trial in France at a later date over the Paris attacks, which left 130 people dead in a series of coordinated bombings and shootings at the Stade de France, the Bataclan concert hall and at bars and restaurant. His brother Brahim was one of the suicide bombers, and Abdeslam's DNA or ... Police
Samia Maktouf, a French-Tunisian lawyer, started helping victims of terror attacks in 2012. She is seen here in her Paris ... Maktouf has been on the frontlines since then, accustomed to "one mother after another" coming to her office or calling to ask for help following each terror attack. She recalled arriving ... Police

The president made the request of top military chiefs in late January, after reportedly being impressed by a French Bastille Day parade last year. "It was one of the ... In France, the annual Bastille Day parade, which was beefed up after the November 2015 terror attacks, harks back to France's militaristic past. An extravagant ... Police
Abdeslam had originally requested to attend his trial at the Palais de Justice in Brussels despite being held in France, where he has been in solitary confinement since April 2016. The Belgian-born French national of Moroccan descent is the only surviving suspect in the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, ... Police
So when the filmmaker cast Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler as themselves in his new film, “The 15:17 to Paris,” which dramatizes how the three friends foiled a terrorist attack on a France-bound train in 2015, he wouldn't allow the nonprofessionals to take acting lessons. “He said, 'You ... Police
He is a Belgium-born French national of Moroccan descent. Abdeslam's family have lived in Belgium since the 1960s but have French nationality from when his parents lived in Algeria. He was a bar manager of his brother's bar in Brussels, but sold it about six weeks before the Paris terror attacks that killed ... Police
Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving terror suspect from the deadly 2015 attacks in Paris, is refusing to speak to a Belgian court because of what he perceives as an anti-Muslim bias. "My silence does not make me a criminal; it's my defense," Abdeslam, 28 years old and believed to be linked to the attacks ... Police
Salah Abdeslam, the main surviving suspect in the 2015 Paris terror attacks appeared to refuse to speak at his trial on Monday. Abdeslam is on trial in Belgium over a shooting that preceded his arrest in Brussels. The 28-year-old sat and seemed not to answer. His trial in France is not expected until next ... Police
They have yet another meeting set up with Clint Eastwood, who is directing the movie about the trio's heroic actions two years earlier that stopped a terror attack on a train to Paris. The three — Skarlatos, a member of the Oregon National Guard on vacation after being deployed in Afghanistan; Stone, an Air ... Police
Denouncing Koons' offering as "product placement", the artists questioned why a project honouring the lives of French people wasn't opened up to the French ... Additionally, they point out that the sculpture's placement is problematic – as it won't be positioned anywhere near the Stade de France, Bataclan ... Police
With more than 400 rounds fired within 10 minutes at the restaurants, the coordinated attacks were a wake-up call for France and for Europe. They followed the ... 13 attacks and the high number of deaths revealed a degree of French vulnerability not previously suspected by authorities. Neighboring ... Police
PARIS, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- French police have arrested a man allegedly planning a terror attack, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said Tuesday. The 33-year-old was detained on Jan. 16 in Gard, southern France. During the raid on his home, police found materials to make explosives. He has been ... Police
Isis claimed two terror attacks in France last year, including two knife deaths outside the Saint-Charles police station in Marseille in October. ... French authorities on Saturday charged a 33-year-old man, who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in a video, with planning a terror attack, judicial sources ... Police
France welcomed 89million visitors in 2017 to retain its crown as the world's favourite tourist destination, according to UN figures. That figure is up from 2016, when tourism was hit by terror attacks, and puts the country back on track to reach an ambitious target of welcoming 100million tourists by 2020. Police
They will be discussing, among other things, the lessons learnt from last year's terror attacks in Manchester, Barcelona and London. There is a permanent 'open door' for French intelligence officers who need to visit MI5 headquarters at Thames House in London and a similar arrangement exists for British ... Police
France has prevented 20 terror attacks in France within the past year, the country's interior minister said Monday. "Twenty attacks have been foiled in France in 2017. We must be vigilant everywhere.There is no territory, today, where we can say that the risk is non-existent," Gerard Collomb told daily ... Police
satirical coverage of Islam and the prophet Mohammed that killed 11 people. The assault marked the beginning of a series of jihadist attacks that have claimed 241 lives in total, according to an AFP toll. "Twenty attempts were foiled in France in 2017. We have to be vigilant everywhere," Collomb told Le ... Police
Charlie Hebdo is struggling with an annual security bill of €1.5 million (£1.32m) as President Emmanuel Macron leads commemorations on the third anniversary of the terror attack on the satirical weekly on Sunday. Sales have slumped after surging to an unprecedented 7 million copies following the attack ... Police
The first of the attacks happened at 9:20pm at the Stade de France, where France were playing Germany in an international football friendly match. .... He has been charged with participation in terrorist murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization in connection to the Paris terror attacks. Police
A French Muslim singer who became an overnight star after dazzling judges on a TV talent show quit the contest Friday after coming under fire for past Facebook comments about terror attacks. Mennel Ibtissem, a 22-year-old student who wears a head wrap, was one of the top contestants on The Voice, ... Police
But within days of Saturday's performance, she was under pressure to bow out over old Facebook messages that appeared to question the terrorist nature of attacks that claimed scores of lives in France in 2016. Police
Mr Abdeslam, a French national of Moroccan descent, is being tried on charges of terrorism, possession of weapons and attempted murder during a shoot-out with ... He will face another trial in France at a later date for his alleged role in the Paris attacks that left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded. Police
French-speaking Le Soir reported on tourism recovering from the negative impact of the 2016 Brussels terror attacks. “Brussels tourism gets its smile back,” Le Soir wrote, noting the tourism industry had recovered to a pre-attacks level. Dutch-speaking De Morgen led with a story on rising costs for patients in ... Police
123 123 SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - NOVEMBER 14: Members of the French community living in South Korea light candles at a vigil outside the French embassy on November 14, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. At least 128 people were killed in a series of bombings and shootings across Paris, including at a ... Police
The Federal Government on Sunday assured that adequate security measures have been adopted to thwart any terror attack on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and elsewhere ... “This is the nature of terrorism all over the world, as can be seen in recent attacks in the UK, France and Egypt, among others. Police
... include the phrase "soon on your holidays" in English, German and French. ... ISIS urged fanatics to carry out terror attacks on trick-or-treaters in a .... said: "Recent, widely-reported incidents in France, Russia, Sweden, the ... Police
A man who survived the Bataclan terrorist massacre took his own life shortly after France marked the two-year anniversary of the tragedy. Police
She said that turning off the lights at the famed Paris monument would send a message of solidarity from the French capital that has itself been ... Police
What is Isis' presence in Sinai and have they claimed terror attacks? ... and cowardly act” and the French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, ... Police
An investigation into alleged preparations for a terrorist attack at a Christmas market in the northeastern French city of Reims is underway, ... Police
Islamic State Reveals Its Favorite Terror Attacks And Calls for More ... Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, ... Police
... during another horror attack on Paris next week, French police revealed. ... Adding: "Recent, widely-reported incidents in France, Russia, ... Police
Two years to the day since the devastating terror attacks in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron led a series of sober ceremonies around ... Police
The 27-year-old man arrested in Switzerland was in contact with a 14-year-old French boy who was "about to carry out the attack," one of the sources said. The teenager was arrested in the Paris region on June 20 and charged by an anti-terror judge, the sources said. A photo of the boy holding a paper ... Police
FRANCE'S government-run victim fund has paid out 64 million euros (£56 million) to the more than 2,500 victims of the Paris November 2015 ... Police


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