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updated Wed. April 24, 2024

Ministry of Ecology - The French ministry of ecology has published a report showing schools in France where pollutants such as lead or hydrocarbons can be found. The data shows nearly 2,000 nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools throughout France were built on old industrial sites and are ...

The French lower house of parliament has approved a law that provides for the gradual abandonment of the exploration and production of oil, gas and coal by 2040, the French Ecology Ministry said in a communique. French Ecology Minister, Nicolas Hulot, said that “this law links the legislation with the ...
Daveu, a chic Parisian who came to fashion by way of politics (her last gig was working for the French Ministry of Ecology), oversees a team of around 50 other industry transplants: engineers, scientists, and renewable energy experts using their knowledge to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of ...
The French Ministry of Ecology, Nicolas Hulot has committed to ending the large-scale trapping of Ortolan Bunting, which takes place to meet demand for a cruel dish where the songbird is blinded, plumpened and drowned in brandy. It's a practice that has driven population declines of up to 84% in Europe ...
The two countries renewed their commitment to jointly promote Europe's energy transition, the French ecology ministry said, following a visit by French junior Ecology Minister Brune Poirson to her German counterpart Rainer Baake. "We are convinced that a reliable regulatory framework at European level, ...
The French Ministry of Ecology said that in return for its vote, it secured the 'concessions' from the Commission which the EU executive listed in a press release issued on the same day as the committee vote. These include the Commission starting work on an EU-wide strategy to minimise consumer ...
The updated standard better reflects this reality,” Florian Veyssilier from the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy told this website. Standards like this from CEN, a European body that proposes rules governing how to use electrical, electronic and related technologies, influence ...
According to the French ministry of ecology, more than 14 million tonnes of polystyrene are produced every year around the world. Given its light weight --Styrofoam is 95 per cent air -- the volume it represents is huge. • Americans throw away an estimated 25 billion Styrofoam cups every year, or about 82 cups per person.


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