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updated Wed. April 18, 2018

The European Parliament's plenary adopted on Wednesday a resolution saying Martin Selmayr's appointment as EU Commission secretary general in February "could be viewed as a coup-like action" and asked the commission to adopt new rules on appointments by the end of the year, so "fully ...
EU parliament demands Zuckerberg answer questions in person. April 18, 2018. EU lawmakers want Zuckerberg to answer their questions in person, just like he did before the US Congress. The European Parliament on Wednesday demanded Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg appear in person to ...

Emmanuel Macron spoke to the European Parliament outlining his reforms for the future of Europe on Tuesday. But the French President was spotted giving the President of the European Commission a sly wink during the meeting. Mr Macron, who has been labelled the Eu's "last hope" by Nigel ...
The European Parliament on Wednesday adopted a resolution criticising Martin Selmayr's ascension to the top of the civil service in what will be seen as a blow to the authority of European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. Selmayr, former head of Cabinet for ex-Luxembourg prime ...
Dimitris Papadimoulis, Vice-President of the European Parliament (syriza), told EURACTIV that the resolution is a "slap" to Erdogan's leadership. [Shutterstock]. Comments Print. In a resolution expected to be voted on today (17 April), the European Parliament will urge Turkey to release two Greek ...
German chancellor Angela Merkel will address the European Parliament in November, the institution announced on Monday. Other EU leaders to visit and debate with MEPs this year are: Belgium's Charles Michel and Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel in May, Poland's Mateusz Morawiecki in June, ... EU Parliament

Addressing the Strasbourg chamber, Macron said, "The European Parliament is, in my eyes, the seat of Europe's legitimacy, its responsibility and hence its vitality. It is here that part of Europe's future is being played out." He added, "To cope with upheavals worldwide, we need a sovereignty that is ... EU Parliament European
Next week is a constituency week for Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”). MEPs will go back to their home countries to handle national issues, or convene in their parliamentary delegations to work on matters related to non-EU Member States, after a short Easter break. This past week, however, ... EU parliament
The European Parliament on Tuesday invited Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to speak following revelations that a firm working for Donald Trump's US presidential campaign harvested data on 50 million users. The parliament and the European Commission, the 28-nation EU executive, have already ... EU parliament
The European Parliament, Tuesday said it has invited Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg to speak following reports that the company may have improperly gained access to data on 50 million Facebook users. Facebook under pressure as U.S, EU call for probes into data practices ... EU parliament
Trust Bloomberg Tax's Premier International Tax offering for the news and guidance to navigate the complex tax treaty networks and business regulations. By Joe Kirwin. The European Parliament approved corporate tax reforms aimed at ensuring Amazon, Google and other large internet companies pay ... EU parliament
Meanwhile, it is uncertain how often Salvini will return to the EU parliament's press room. After the Italian elections earlier this month, in which his party won 17.7 percent of the votes, the MEP is eyeing a position in a new Italian government, possibly even prime minister. He said on Wednesday that his party ... EU parliament
EU parliament united against Selmayr promotion. Martin Selmayr (l) is at the centre of public row over his appointment to top civil servant job. (Photo: European Commission). By Nikolaj Nielsen. Strasbourg, 12. Mar, 23:40. With a unanimous vote, the European Parliament decided on Monday (12 March) to launch a probe ... EU parliament
THE European Parliament adopted a resolution expressing concern at the reported level of mislabelling of fishery products within EU countries, including Britain. According to a recent Commission study, the figure for white fish is at least six per cent. Now the parliament is calling on member states to ... EU parliament
The chair of the European Parliament's economic committee has written a curt letter to the president of the Eurogroup, asking for “greater cooperation” from the Council when it comes to high-level appointments. reports. Roberto Gualtieri, the chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary ... EU parliament
'Selmayrgate' - the swift and controversial appointment of the new secretary general of the European Commission - will be a key topic next Monday (12 March), as the row moves from the EU bubble in the Berlaymont building to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Commissioner Guenther Oettinger ... EU parliament

There is growing evidence that the EU Commission will publish two proposals on the taxation of the digital economy and digital business models on March 21 2018. These proposals are expected to consist of a short-term/temporary measure, a turnover equalisation tax – i.e. a tax assessed on turnover ... EU parliament
In an unprecedented symbolic gesture, at the request of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, the European Parliament's express delegation to Slovakia had to be postponed by one day. This came after Slovak prime minister Robert Fico hinted that foreign forces, including billionaire ... EU parliament
Following his successful election to the Italian Senate, Gianni Pittella announced today at a meeting of all S&D group MEPs his resignation from the Group presidency. Possible candidates have until Monday 12 March 2018 to put themselves forward, with the election of the new Group president on Tuesday ... EU parliament
According to a draft opinion written by the EU parliament's budget control committee, the ENL group has, and this since 2016, “insufficiently justified” some 38,889 euros (£34,668) paid out in expenses and violated the rules of tender on another £346,140 (€388,278). The “unreasonable” expense money ... EU parliament
Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have taken steps to ensure legislation is suitable for the rollout of 5G networks, which is expected to start in 2019. In two separate developments, the European Parliament, Council and Commission have reached provisional agreement on new telecoms and spectrum ... EU parliament
Irish woman tipped for EU parliament top job. "She's shrewd and polished, but she also has a human touch. She's never put a foot wrong" (Photo: Finer Gael). By Andrew Rettman and Eric Maurice. BRUSSELS, 2. Mar, 17:57. Irish politician Mairead McGuinness is being tipped to replace Antonio Tajani as European ... EU parliament
But the bigger goal of MEPs, a senior member of the EU parliament said last week, would be to make Selmayr's position so fragile that he cannot stay in his post when a new commission president comes in in 2019. At the summit last week, both German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president ... EU parliament
Jewish groups protested against the invitation of Omar Barghouti, leader and co-founder of the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement, to address a conference next week at the European Parliament in Brussels. The conference, titled “The Israeli Settlement in Palestine and the ... EU parliament
Britain and Europe must ban palm oil in biofuel to save forests, EU parliament told. Forest peoples affected by plantations urge EU to enact ban despite diplomatic opposition. Jonathan Watts. Thu 22 Feb 2018 20.04 EST Last modified on Thu 22 Feb 2018 20.05 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via Email EU parliament
An exhibition of caricatures seeking to expose the Iranian government's human rights abuses has been rejected for display at the European Parliament on the grounds that it is “too controversial.” The Israeli Cartoon Project (TICP), established in partnership by the American Jewish Committee, reached out ... EU parliament
European commissioner for climate Miguel Arias Canete is drawing a pension from the European parliament in addition to the approximately €20,000 he takes home every month. Although not retired, the 67-year old former MEP is receiving the sum from a controversial voluntary pension scheme that is ... EU parliament
According to Business Insider report, the European Parliament is preparing a resolution calling for greater flexibility with regard to the EU's future relationship with the UK. The report proposes an 'association agreement' giving Britain 'privileged' single-market access. This sounds more sympathetic than the ... EU parliament
EU Parliament is to call for Britain to have 'privileged' single market access after Brexit ... Business Insider cites a source familiar with the European Parliament's activities, as saying that the EU Parliament is putting together a 60-paragraph document outlining its desire for an "association agreement" with ... EU parliament
Sterling jumped after Business Insider reported that the EU Parliament is preparing a resolution that will call for more flexibility in a future relationship with Britain. The pound climbed around 0.5% against the euro on the news. The pound popped on Tuesday morning after Business Insider reported that the ... EU parliament
Appreciating the Bangladesh's overall economic development and the positive achievements in several areas, especially the reduction of poverty, the delegation of European Parliamentarians (MEPs) said the country needs to fully align the Labour Act and the EPZ Labour Act with ILO standards. EU parliament
IP-Watch is a non-profit independent news service and depends on subscriptions. To access all of our content, please subscribe now. You may also offer additional support with your subscription, or donate. More than 50 organisations representing a range of teachers, students, trainers, researchers, ... EU parliament
An ancient and obsolete sewerage system on a Costa Blanca urbanisation has caused problems for residents for many years. But now evidence is emerging of deliberate and prolonged pollution from this system which is effecting local residents, a nearby nature park and rice fields. This problem is but one ... EU parliament
The European Parliament's Brexit chief has accused one of Theresa May's closest allies of spreading “far-right, Kremlin-sponsored conspiracy theories”, after he co-authored a front page article attacking financier George Soros. Guy Verhofstadt said the piece by Ms May's former advisor Nick Timothy in The ... EU parliament
STRASBOURG - There has been a lack of progress in the investigation into the torture and murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni in Cairo two years ago, the European parliament said Thursday. In a resolution on executions in Egypt, the Strasbourg assembly "recalls, yet again, its outrage at the torture and ... EU parliament
The European parliament on Thursday called on Turkey to scrap the emergency powers which members said were being used to stifle "legitimate and peaceful opposition" and a free press. Meeting in Strasbourg the MEPs denounced, in a resolution, the hundreds of arrests by the Turkish government, ... EU parliament
The Isle of Man. The Paradise Papers exposed how the crown dependency issued £790m in VAT refunds to the owners of 231 private jets. Photograph: Laura Lewis. The European parliament has voted to launch an inquiry into financial crime, tax evasion and tax avoidance, saying the Paradise Papers had ... EU parliament
Western Balkans enlargement a priority, says EU Parliament. Written by Martin Banks and Julie Levy-Abegnoli on 7 February 2018 in News. News. European Parliament President Antonio Tajani has said that continued EU enlargement should be a priority. Andrej Plenković addresses a European parliament committee ... EU parliament
last updated: 07/02/2018. MEPS reject a post-Brexit plan for transnational lists but give strong backing to the Spitzenkandidat process. Now Reading: EU parliament rejects transnational lists ... EU parliament
EU Parliament bans geoblocking, exempts Netflix and other streaming services. Online shopping is set to become easier for many Europeans as national restrictions for online content face an EU ban. But streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are exempt from the decision. The Netflix logo is ... EU parliament
News. EU Parliament bans geoblocking, exempts Netflix and other streaming services. Charging European online shoppers different amounts depending on their location is set to become much more difficult in the EU. But streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are exempt from the decision. EU parliament
The EU Parliament on Tuesday voted in favor of legislation that seeks to overhaul the EU Emissions Trading System in the period 2021-2030. ... increased environmental ambition and adequate protection for industry, Member of the EU Parliament and lead lawmaker on the EU ETS reforms, Julie Girling, ... EU parliament
Online buyers will have wider and easier cross-border access to products, hotel bookings, car rentals, music festivals or leisure park tickets in the EU. The agreement on the geo-blocking regulation stills needs to be formally approved by Council. "The new rules will be applicable nine months from the day of ... EU parliament
ECB president Draghi appearing before EU parliament in Strasbourg 5 Feb. I highlighted it earlier in the European session but just another heads up for those who remain unaware that we have Draghi up to the mic later at 16.00 GMT. Says the ECB: "Statement of the President of the ECB on the Draft ... EU parliament
Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, appearing before the EU parliament in Strasbourg: "Statement of the President of the ECB on the Draft Resolution of the European Parliament concerning the ECB Annual Report 2016 in the European Parliament Plenary in Strasbourg, France". He has been hawkish ... EU parliament
MEPs will this week decide on the new distribution of parliamentary seats for the 2019 European elections in a vote in Strasbourg. European Parliament Strasbourg | Photo credit: Press Association. Using a minimal number of the seats vacated by the UK when it quits the EU, the move aims to correct the ... EU parliament
Many argue that current system, referred to as the Spitzenkandidat process, favours the party winning the most seats in the European Parliament and is little more than a handshake agreement among the main European political parties, the European Council and the EU Parliament. Czech Prime Minister ... EU parliament
MEPs propose reducing number of seats in EU Parliament. Written by Martin Banks on 25 January 2018 in News. News. Parliament should shrink from 751 to 705 MEPs when the UK leaves the EU, to make room for EU-wide electoral lists, according to members of the constitutional affairs committee. European Parliament ... EU parliament
The counsel was part of the EUP Resolutions (2018/2513RSP) on Nigeria. The EU Parliament noted that pastoralist-farmer clashes in Nigeria have become more widespread and intense over the last 10 years and currently pose a threat to national cohesion. Thousands of people, said the EUP, have been ... EU parliament


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