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updated Sun. April 21, 2024

“We've always held the conviction that there's no greater violence than poverty,” Linda Gusia, a co-organizer of the march and lecturer of Sociology in the University of Prishtina, explained on the eve of the march. “Systematic poverty is violence towards the citizens of Kosovo. And women in Kosovo, ...

He now studies at the University of Prishtina for his MA in mathematics, and plans to get a PhD in economics. Lion Jashari walks alongside the mable tombstones of the 59 Jashari family members killed in the three-day attack. | Photo: Atdhe Mulla. The Municipality of Skenderaj is part of Drenica, seen as a ...
On top of that, he is a member of the Kosovo Philharmonic and teaches violin at the University of Prishtina. “The instruments that I can play professionally at any time and place are the violin, the guitar, the bass guitar and the double bass. I also sing, but only the blues,” he said, as humbly as one can when ...
Back then in the early '70s, the University of Prishtina had just been opened, and Nimani was part of that first generation of teachers that worked there. Just like one event does not define a person, the same could be said about a country. Kosovo did not just pop up into existence ten years ago. Nimani was ...
In 2014, University of Prishtina students forced their corrupt rector, Ibrahim Gashi, to resign in disgrace. Although the mandate of the reform rector Ramadan Zejnullahu was short lived, in 2018 professors are being called out for plagiarizing and losing their titles too. Roma MP Kujtim Pacaku stood up in ...
In 2016, he and Pasqualetti worked together again, this time in Kosovo, to develop plans for an academic program in renewable energy and sustainability engineering at the University of Prishtina. As part of that project, they met with the Kosovo Energy Company to discuss strategies for the country to ...
The fact that Kosovo comes 68th in the PISA rankings out of the 72 states in which tests were carried out, and that 131 university programmes were suspended because of a lack of qualified academic staff at the University of Prishtina and private universities, testify to the very low level of education in Kosovo ...
A team of four psychology students from the University of Prishtina built Kosovo's first digital application that provides free sexuality education for adolescents and youth, aged 13 – 18 years. The project aimed to equip teenagers with accurate information about their bodies and sexual health and rights.
... studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, and will be taking it this June in the U.S., he says. Before arriving at Willamette to earn his MBA, Kacanolli studied management and economics in Kosovo at the University of Prishtina. Lindsay Lennon is a freelance writer and content marketing specialist.
Abuse of admissions procedures, salaries for teachers who don't teach, and plagiarized dissertations: the University of Pristina had them all. But the new man in charge is trying to change that. By Kristen Chick, Correspondent March 31, 2015. close. Ramadan Zejnullahu sits in his office at the University of Prishtina campus.


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