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updated Mon. March 4, 2024

Americans who applaud our president's tirades against the news media ought to know what it's like in a country where the chief executive can act on his rage. I went to Russia in 2007 just after the brutal death of Ivan Safronov, the 14th journalist murdered in the seven years since Vladimir Putin had become ...

Ivan Safronov, a journalist who was preparing a report in 2007 about allegations that Russia planned to provide sophisticated weaponry to Syria and Iran, mysteriously fell five storeys to his death before the report came out. They were among 20 journalists killed in Russia since 2006, according to the ...
B92 quoted Ivan Safronov, a journalist with the Moscow daily Kommersant, as reporting that Russia's aim is to boost its interests in a region where most countries are now NATO members. Kommersant also quoted one of Moscow's most reliable friends in Belgrade, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, ...
... Ankara's actions could seriously affect the process of normalization of bilateral cooperation that was agreed by presidents Putin and Erdogan in St. Petersburg. "Erdogan is playing his own game and is still on the other side of the conflict," he said. Authors: Georgy Stepanov, Sergei Strokan, Ivan Safronov.
Various sources have simultaneously reported a sudden counteroffensive by Islamist militants in Syria, who are trying to cut a strategically important route connecting Palmyra and Homs. The threat of losing Palmyra may draw Moscow into a protracted military campaign, in which establishing control over ...
How much money will Russia make off operations in Syria? Mar 29, 2016Ivan Safronov Russian Media. Russia has spent $464 million on its air force operation in Syria, but it could earn far more from its involvement. Potential export contracts for weapons systems tested in Syria may reach $6-7 billion over the next several ...
Ivan Safronov. Prince Mohammad bin Salman (Center). Source: Reuters. Saudi Arabia's defense minister is likely to meet Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The energy giants look to revive bilateral ties that have been sagging since they began supporting ...
MOSCOW — During President Vladimir Putin's visit to Beijing next month, he is expected to seal a bilateral agreement on cybersecurity between Russia and China, according to a source close to the Kremlin and confirmed by two other federal officials. They say presidential advisor Igor Shchyogolev is overseeing the ...


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