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updated Sun. April 15, 2018

RIGA - Russia again plans to perform missile tests over Latvia's exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea, said Latvian Defense Ministry spokesman, Kaspars Galkins. Russia has notified the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency that Russian Naval Force plans to perform missile tests over Latvia's ...
The Baltic nation of Latvia has recently witnessed a rise in crypto activity, prompting the government to consider taxing cryptocurrency transactions. The Latvian government's intention to introduce taxation on digital currency transactions is a way to cash in on the crypto craze, as other ...

The eight participants of the 2nd International Photography Symposium represent five different countries: Dionysis Livanis (Great Britain), Anita Gratzer (Austria), Robert Atwater (USA), Juris Kmins (Latvia), Dace Voitkeviča (Latvia), Linda Lazdiņa (Latvia), Vilnis Auziņš (Latvia), Algimantas ...
''Russia's Chief Air Traffic Control Center has informed the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency that the Russian Navy has reserved airspace from April 17 to 19, and plans to perform test missile launches in airspace above the exclusive economic zone of Latvia in the Baltic Sea on April 19, from 11:00 to ...
"Latvia offers its deepest condolences to Algeria on the crash of a military aircraft that took the lives of at least 257 people - Algerian military personnel, their families, and crew members. The crash occurred shortly after takeoff from a military base in Boufarik, not far from the nation's capital, Algiers.".

Baltic honorary consuls came together for a centennial celebration in March. Left to right: Kevin Casebier, Honorary Consul of Latvia; Alrene Barr, director fo international affairs at the Atlanta airport; Aadu Allpere, Honorary Consul of Estonia; Roma Klicius, Honorary Consul of Lithuania and John ...
Is it Baltic or Balkan? I get asked this question almost every time I mention Latvia. Not many people have heard of the Baltic country or know where it is, but it is Latvia's centennial this year and there is much to explore in this undiscovered gem of northern Europe. When I arrive in late August, as warm ...
When President Donald Trump hosts the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia at the White House on Tuesday, the principal topic will be the growing spectre of Russian aggression against NATO allies in Eastern Europe. Another national security concern, however, is likely to cast a shadow over ... corruption
RIGA (Sputnik) - The Latvian Foreign Ministry has instructed the country's representatives to inform NATO and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) of Russia's planned missile tests over the Baltic Sea, Gints Jegermanis, the head of the ministry's Communications Directorate, ... corruption
RIGA, March 31. /TASS/. All-Latvia parents' meeting in Riga attracted over 900 participants who disagree with transferring national minorities schools to teaching in Latvian, a representative of the Russian School Protection Headquarters movement Andrey Tolmachev told TASS on Saturday. "People of ... corruption
RIGA - Violations of the fire safety rules, mainly related to maintenance of evacuation routes and emergency exits, have been discovered in 18 shopping centers and other public buildings in Latvia which were checked by the State Fire and Rescue Service in the wake of the recent tragic fire in a shopping ... corruption
RIGA - The Main Air Traffic Management Center of Russia has informed Latvia that the Russian Navy will be performing missile tests over Latvia's exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea from April 4 to 6, LETA was told at the Latvian Defense Ministry. The missile tests will take place on the ... corruption
The Guardian has learned that talks with Trump's company were abandoned after Krutoy and another of the businessmen were questioned by Latvian authorities as part of a major criminal inquiry there – and that the FBI later looked into Trump's interactions with them at Latvia's request. Those involved ... corruption
"Russia's Chief Air Traffic Control Center has informed the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency that the Russian Navy plans to conduct missile launches from 06:00 to 18:00 April 4 to 6 in the airspace above Latvia's exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea," the ministry said. The Russian side has called on the ... corruption
Prior to 2013, there were few foreign students in Latvia to speak of. However, the number is booming since after the crisis, reflecting the global tendencies. In 2013, the number of students studying abroad grew to more than 4 million globally. While the total number of students has decreased within the last ... corruption

Flu intensity has started receding in Latvia and dropped 5.6 percent last week to 293 flu cases per 100,000 population. Nevertheless, new flu cases were reported in all ten largest cities in Latvia monitored by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control last week. The highest flu intensity was observed in ... corruption
“The bill in its new edition contradicts not only the Latvian constitution, but also Latvia-related international documents, such as the Council of Europe's framework convention on protection of minorities, that was adopted and ratified by the Latvian parliament in 2005,” stated Harmony's letter, as quoted by ... corruption
"Latvia, together with a number of other EU member states, will support the United Kingdom and decide on the expulsion of Russian secret service employees working under diplomatic cover. The concrete details will be coordinated [with other EU countries], and it could take place next week," Rinkevics told ... corruption
Meanwhile the office of Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis relased a statement saying "Latvia categorically condemns the attack on March 4th in Salisbury, Great Britain. Latvia shares solidarity with Britain in this challenge to our common security and is ready to provide Britain with the necessary support both ... corruption
According to the ALCB's estimates, 90% of Latvian clients are serviced by the four biggest banks in Latvia (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Citadele Bank), and so changes in what constitutes an acceptable business model would affect "only a fraction of the banking sector", even though ten banks in total would ... corruption
"He wondered whether he could take Latvia's wealth of folk song and the love of folk song singing and he could help turn that into a choral tradition.” So, Ķeniņš says Cimze did just that — and in 1873, before Latvia was even officially a country, Latvians organized their first song festival. “It became a great ... corruption
The conference in the balmy French Riviera features speakers such as former Ambassador of France to Latvia, Michel Foucher, the Ambassador of Latvia to France Imants Lieģis, and Dr. hist., Baltic expert Julien Gueslin. Miķelis Valters (1874-1968) was born in a working-class family in Liepāja, which was ... corruption
The research used data over the number of texts sent and calls made via LMT cell towers across Latvia and compared activity between weekdays and weekends. Gundars Bērziņš, one of the researchers involved, told Latvian Radio that the data can be acquired quickly - with a week's delay - and that it ... corruption
... the claims, made by Celeste Wallander, Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and Senior Director for Russia/Eurasia on the National Security Council from 2013-2017. Russia has so far not commented the claims, and the Russian Embassy in Latvia did not answer LTV's requests for clarification. corruption
Latvia awarded Lockheed a contract in 2015 to supply three TPS-77s for aircraft surveillance operations. The radar systems will work to boost the Latvian air force's flight surveillance and identification capacity to optimize early warning and situational awareness. TPS-77 is the newest offering in Lockheed's ... corruption
"Latvia is ready to provide its allies with the necessary support and work to ensure that the EU and NATO agree on joint action in this matter. Those who planned and carried out an attack on NATO territory should receive an adequate and rigorous response. Latvia supports Britain's efforts to investigate the ... corruption
It is fair to say that the banking sector in Latvia is now being closely scrutinised in a manner that it has not experienced in recent times. The latter half of February in particular witnessed a series of major incidents being reported that have severely dented confidence in the diminutive Baltic nation's banking ... corruption
THE Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya celebrated the 100th anniversary of The Republic of Latvia at its International Night held in conjunction with Rotary's World Understanding Month. The event at Dorsett Grand Subang in Subang Jaya, was launched by Latvian ambassa-dor Peteris Vaivars, who flew in for ... corruption
But with Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola saying the non-resident banks will have to change their business models, and continuing pressure from the U.S. authorities for Latvia's banks to clean up their acts, speculation is inevitably rife as to which of them might be next to face a crisis. Therefore with ... corruption
For those Canadian soldiers currently based in Latvia, this coming March 16 should prove to be an interesting distraction. It is on this date that the Latvians parade through the streets of Riga to commemorate their veterans of the Second World War. So far so good, as honouring fallen warriors is something ... corruption
Earlier this week, Latvia's defense ministry said the corruption allegations that led to the detention of the country's central bank governor could be part of a "massive information operation" from an outside source. The scandals engulfing Latvia's banking system have come as a shock to a country that has ... corruption
People often assume that Latvia has two completely separate, self-sufficient information spaces: one for Latvian speakers and the other for Russian speakers. While this is largely true for traditional media, a recent study of international news by Latvia's Center for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS) ... corruption
International projects see some children, who have been removed from their families, go on trips to the US twice a year. During this time, for about a month, they stay in host families. The program has come under criticism, and the Welfare Ministry wants to raise the minimum age for foreign stay to twelve. corruption
Latvia plans to spend EUR234 million (USD288 million) of its EUR576.34 defence budget for 2018 on procurement, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced on its website. The 2018 defence budget is EUR126.8 million higher than in 2017, according to the ministry. It gives a breakdown of 43% on ... corruption
ABLV's troubles have dealt another blow to Latvia's banking system and reputation following recent allegations of bribery made against the governor of the Baltic nation's central bank, Ilmārs Rimšēvičs. That case is unrelated to ABLV, as Latvia's Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola insisted to POLITICO ... corruption
The Latvian summer is, if not a lie, then a half-truth; the lush green of Latvia's parks and forests may be bursting like there's no tomorrow, but if anyone is already transfixed by the impermanence of things, it's us. The fall has a more truthful ring to it, with its long violin sobs and the dead leaves reminding us of ... corruption
Latvia's defence ministry suggested the financial irregularities could be part be a foreign smear campaign similar to those seen before the US, French and German elections. The country has elections in October but many citizens are sceptical and Kremlin spokesman said the claims “lacked a sense of ... corruption
Liene Gātere, head of the transparency organization "Delna", in an interview with LTV's "Rīta Panorāma" ahead of the release of the results said Latvia was "lagging behind our goals," - though it should be noted the index records the perception of corruption rather than the actual level of corruption which, ... corruption
"We're not looking only at Latvia," said hospital CEO Tarmo Bakler. "Doctors can work everywhere now. We can't say that we'd like to hire a gynecologist or radiologist from Latvia, but our hospital is ready to admit doctors from all these specialties. Of course, it all depends on the experience and the doctor ... corruption
Estonian hospitals are looking for employees in Latvia, with classifieds websites bursting with job offers for Latvian doctors. As Estonia itself is seeing healthcare specialists flock to Helsinki and Stockholm for better pay, they've started to look for personnel in Latvia. The Ida-Viru Central Hospital lies five ... corruption
The number of grave crimes in Latvia dropped by 9.6% last year, Kalnmeiers said, describing it as a significant reduction. The number of less serious crimes declined by 1% and the number of criminal offenses was down 12%. The number of especially grave crimes, however, increased from 1,740 in 2016 ... corruption
The United States has full confidence that the Government of Latvia will take the necessary steps to uphold the integrity of its banking and financial sector. For many years, we have been working together with Latvia to combat corruption, money laundering, and other threats to international security. Moving ... corruption
Five people have been arrested during simultaneous raids in Derby and Latvia as part of an investigation into modern slavery and human trafficking. Two men and two women were arrested at two houses in Latvia on Tuesday, while a 32-year-old woman was arrested at a house in St James' Road, ... corruption
Spain's economy minister, Luis de Guindos, is poised to become vice president of the European Central Bank, raising hopes in Madrid for more clout in the E.U.'s halls of power. • The European Central Bank froze payments by ABLV Bank, one of Latvia's biggest banks, amid accusations, which it denies, ... corruption
VILNIUS - Lithuania in the late 2000s promised Latvia to support its efforts to build a liquefied natural gas terminal near Riga, but broke that promise, a former diplomat says. "I had no serious arguments in defense of Lithuania's policy. I do not know why it was decided not to fulfill the promises made to the ... corruption
Latvia's banking system is facing more issues. Not only did one bank have to request emergency support after U.S. officials accused it of helping to breach North Korean sanctions, but the chief of the country's central bank has also been hit with bribery allegations. According to Reuters, this is just the latest scandal for the ... corruption
At the same time, the list has been designed to prevent employers from bringing to Latvia low-cost labor from third countries with the intention to lower the average wage in the specific sector. The ministry has estimated that about 300 highly-skilled professionals from abroad could come work in Latvia based ... corruption
Latvia's third-largest lender was left facing rapidly mounting problems Monday, after the U.S. Treasury accused it of money laundering and defying Western sanctions. Not only this, the head of the country's central bank was held in custody over the weekend, accused of soliciting a bribe by Riga's ... corruption


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