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updated Sat. December 10, 2022

It is also the first exchange house to offer the expatriates of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka with the IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) facility, which enables the customers to transfer money real-time to their bank accounts any day of the year. Oman UAE Exchange also ...

These organisations frequently conduct cultural programmes giving a chance to Nepali expatriate artistes to perform and exhibit their talents. Many Nepali artistes have ... The prize winning song is scored by Nhu Bajracharya, one of the most sought after musicians in Nepal. We have shot a video of the ...
Koirala also said Nepal is hoping to establish the country's first community school in Qatar by 2019. “We are already in talks with Qatari authorities for the school to address the educational needs of Nepali community in Qatar, which is the second biggest expatriate community in Qatar at 400,000,” the ...
Both countries have also long turned a blind eye to foreign workers lacking proper documentation, who are often hired to do difficult or dangerous jobs. ... come from fellow ASEAN members Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, or from other emerging economies such as Bangladesh and Nepal.
The commission is planning to designate as helpers civil affairs officials at the Seoul Global Center and eight Support Centers for Foreign Workers – Guro, Incheon, Uijeongbu, Cheonan, Gwangju, Daegu, Changwon and Kimhae – while listening to the opinions of the helpers as well as relevant government ...
The government of Malaysia assures that it will not cover up probes and incidents of abuse involving foreign workers in the country, said Deputy Prime ... The nine countries as listed on the Maid Online website are Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Companies like Top Glove in labor-intensive industries are paying higher wages to foreign workers to keep them from leaving, or employing more locals ... of Southeast Asian Nations members Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, as well as such other emerging economies as Bangladesh and Nepal.
On February 8, the Okinawa Labor Bureau announced that the number of foreign workers in Okinawa Prefecture reached a record high of 7,310 people (as of ... The countries from which the most foreign workers came were Nepal at 1,981 people (27.1%), the Philippines at 986 people (13.5%), and China ...


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