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updated Sat. April 28, 2018

Every year, Japanese fighters intercept Chinese and Russian military aircraft on hundreds of occasions. Japanese anxiety is heightened by the appearance of the fifth-generation J-20 stealth fighter in Chinese service, challenging the qualitative edge of the JASDF's F-15 and F-2 (domestically ...
Australian and Canadian military aircraft will soon head to a US base in Japan to monitor "illicit" ship-to-ship transfers involving North Korean vessels. It is understood the United States will play a ... Multiple non-Japanese militaries rarely operate together from Japan. The move comes a day after ... aircraft

The Defence Ministry's local bureau in northeastern Japan lodged a complaint with the commander of Misawa Air Base after video footage taken from a US fighter jet flying at a very low altitude was uploaded to YouTube, officials said. The US military at the base in Aomori Prefecture said it has ... F-16
Last month, the Chinese air force conducted a series of drills in the South China Sea and the Miyako Strait, located between two Japanese islands. The territorial dispute over the Senkaku islands is one place where China could use its military muscle. Japan and its ally, the U.S., must ensure that China ...
In contrast to the agreements that Germany and Italy have, respectively, with the U.S. military, under the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement, Japanese laws, in principle, do not apply to U.S. troops in Japan. Japan's Civil Aeronautics Act stipulates minimum safe altitudes set by government ordinances to ...
“We look forward to exploring options for Japan's F-2 replacement fighter in cooperation with both the Japanese and U.S. governments. Our leadership and experience in 5th generation aircraft can be leveraged to cost-effectively provide capabilities to meet Japan's future security needs." Japan has been ...

... according to a Japanese government source. Kumamoto Airport is used by both civilian and Self-Defense Forces aircraft. The U.S. military aircraft has been parked in an area managed by the SDF, the ministry said. A number of incidents involving U.S. military aircraft have occurred in Japan recently, ...
The Navy is investigating allegations that sailors in Okinawa attempted to unlawfully convert Japanese citizens to Christianity through a public display inside a military hospital. On Friday, Rear Adm. Paul D. Pearigen, commander of San Diego-based Navy Medicine West, ordered an investigation into ...
Japanese Self-Defense Forces, Japan's unified military command, activated its first marine component since World War II and conducted a training exercise on Friday. Dubbed the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, or ARDB, the newly formed group displayed their ability to repel and recapture ... War
Japan on Saturday activated its first marine unit since World War II trained to counter invaders occupying Japanese islands along the edge of the East China Sea that Tokyo fears are vulnerable to attack by China. In a ceremony held at a military base near Sasebo on the southwest island of Kyushu, about ... War
... U.S. military said Tuesday that five Air Force CV-22 Ospreys will deploy to Yokota Air Base in Tokyo later this week in a move that comes over a year ahead of schedule and despite public concerns over the safety of the tilt-rotor aircraft. It will be the first deployment of the Osprey to a military base in Japan ... War
For example, the Chinese Coast Guard is now under Beijing's Military Commission and operating in the East China Sea with a naval frigate. The moves require a greater commitment from Tokyo's Coast Guard in response. This also distracts from Japan's ability to rein in illegal fishing in its exclusive ... War
Children across Japan are returning to school this week for the new semester, but elsewhere in the world as many as 263 million children won't be so lucky. Of these out-of-school children, 27 million live in conflict zones. Japan is already doing a lot to help these children receive an education. Japan is the ... War
Military children are a vital part of the military family and they deserve to be recognized. During the month of April, the Department of Defense celebrates these children and recognizes their contribution to their military parents' mission and success. The strength, resilience and readiness of service members ... War
He seeks to “normalize” Japan's military such that it has the capacity to defend its interests and citizens wherever they are threatened. Exogenous factors for increased defense spending include a rising China, a nuclear North Korea, and new stateless threats like terrorism. Debates over Japanese defense ... War
TOKYO, March 29 (Xinhua) -- A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) helicopter made an emergency landing at an airport in western Japan on Thursday, according to public broadcaster NHK. The GSDF UH-1 chopper made the emergency landing at around 8:15 a.m. (2315 GMT Wednsday) at ... War
On March 27, 2018, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) underwent its most significant structural reform since its formation in 1954 with the creation ... Noting the lessons of power expansion by the Japanese Imperial Army, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera asserted that civilian control over the ... War

... power and aggressive behavior, it is no surprise that Japan has been taking a whole host of steps to boost its own military capabilities over the past few years under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's leadership. While the most often cited manifestation of this is Abe's effort to reform the Japanese Constitution, ... War
OSAKA – Kyoto University, one of Japan's oldest and most prestigious centers of higher education, has announced a basic policy of not conducting military-related research. The decision by the university, which claims nine current and former graduates and professors as Nobel laureates, comes despite ... War
TOKYO (Sputnik) - Japan protested Russia's military aviation flight exercise on the Iturup Island, one of four disputed southern Kuril Islands, Japanese Foreign ... On Monday, two Russian Su-35 fighter jets carried out a military exercise, relocating from the country's Khabarovsk Territory to a reserve military ... War
While Vietnam's fleet is under the Ministry of Defense, the coast guards of Japan and the Philippines report to transportation agencies. None of the three compares to China's in size. The U.S. Coast Guard reports to the Department of Homeland Security, although the president can transfer control to the U.S. ... War
China's air force used a number of its latest bombers and fighters in combat patrols over the South China Sea and drills in the Western Pacific after passing over Japan's southern islands – its first military exercise in the area in more than three months. H-6K bombers, Su-30 and Su-35 fighter jets were ... War
Marc Bleha, describing how the island saw one of the first U.S. engagements of World War II, when U.S. Marines repelled a Japanese attack just days ... That presence is visible across the region, including on Wake and Guam — located 1,500 miles farther west — and at a string of U.S. bases on Japan, ... War
The Great Wall reigns as a symbol of Chinese nationhood, over 3,800 miles of fortified walls (or 5,500, if you count trenches and natural barriers) built to shield the settled peoples of the North China Plain from the depredations of nomadic horse-riding tribes to the north. While the wall undoubtedly posed a ... War
This week, the Philippines disclosed that it would receive three more aircraft from Japan next week. The anticipated delivery would conclude a deal that constitutes both a boost for Manila's limited military capabilities as well as a gain for the bilateral defense relationship between the two countries that has ... War
After Japan was defeated in World War II, the country was forced to disarm and swear off military capability, outside of self-defense, ever again. Over time, that pacifism became part of the Japanese psyche. But with nationalism on the rise around the world, Japan hasn't been immune to the political tide. War
One would be a U.S.-North Korea military conflict triggered by a U.S. preemptive strike launched because Washington will not allow North Korea to possess intercontinental ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear warheads. It is assumed North Korea could also inflict tremendous damage on Japan in a ... War
The United States spends more on its military than the next eight countries combined. Six of those countries (France, Britain, Germany, Japan, India and Saudi Arabia) are our allies. Our military bases span the globe, projecting a military presence never before seen in history. We have 800 U.S. bases in 80 ... War
Abe has said he is not seeking to change SDF operations in practice but to clarify the status of the organization, which has existed for decades even though Article 9, when read literally, prohibits Japan from possessing military forces and other "war potential." Article 9 renounces war in the first paragraph ... War
MOSCOW – Russia said on Tuesday it had information that the United States planned to bomb the government quarter in Damascus on an invented pretext, and said it would respond militarily if it felt Russian lives were threatened by such an attack. Valery Gerasimov, head of Russia's General Staff, said ... War
... funded in the 2018 budget, but declined to explain why Japan is stepping up military advisory and intelligence-gathering capabilities in Southeast Asia. However, the official said the new permanent attaches “will not have any responsibilities for the security of Japanese embassies in those countries.”. War
MOSCOW – The Russian military said it has conducted a successful test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile capable of sneaking through enemy defenses. A video posted by the Defense Ministry Sunday showed a MiG-31 fighter jet launching a Kinzhal (Dagger) missile during a training flight. War
Retired Vice Adm. Masanori Yoshida, of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force said he sees a “more cooperative approach” to security and economic ... Yoshida noted how Taiwan's navy uses U.S. ships and flies American military aircraft, making those forces interoperable with Japan's and the United ... War
Williams is part of MultiSail 2018, a training exercise in which the U.S. and Japanese Navies work together to improve their skills such as live fire training, and tracking and destroying subs and ships, says the release. As a commissioned officer, Williams is in charge of leading and motivating other sailors ... War
Japanese government officials shared the concern of their U.S. counterparts that "dialogue for dialogue's sake was meaningless. ... While dialogue between the United States and North Korea is welcome if it leads to an avoidance of a military confrontation, Japan fears being left as the odd man out because ... War
WASHINGTON – It looks like President Donald Trump is getting the military parade he wants in Washington — though he may get no tanks. A Pentagon planning memo issued Thursday and released Friday says the parade being planned for Nov. 11, Veterans Day, will “include wheeled vehicles only, ... War
The Japanese government said Wednesday it has asked the U.S. military to swiftly report mishaps after it took six days for it to be notified that an F-15 fighter jet stationed in Okinawa had lost a part during a flight. "It is truly regrettable that it was not reported immediately," said Chief Cabinet Secretary ... War
Marines at Camp Hansen in Japan might have to start marching in protest of a recent act of racism. The Marine Corps is ... The slur, which was not directly referred to by Marine officials, was a derogatory term aimed at African-Americans and has since been removed, reported. It looks like the ... War
The U.S. military did not notify Japanese officials until Monday about the incident, which occurred on the morning of Feb. ... the latest in a series of similar incidents in recent months, could add to growing safety concerns among the residents of Okinawa, home to the bulk of U.S. military facilities in Japan. War
Documents and video footage have been found showing massacres of Korean comfort women by the Japanese military shortly before the end of World War II. During the South Korea-China-Japan Comfort Women International Conference held at Seoul City Hall on Feb. 27, the city of Seoul and the Seoul ... War
Tokyo Believes Russia Boosting Military Activity Near Japan - Defense Minister ... TOKYO (Sputnik) - Tokyo believes Moscow is boosting its military activity around Japan, and it may be linked to Japan joining international sanctions against Russia, Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said ... War
The official People's Liberation Army Daily said this month that although China was committed to a defensive military policy, it had to “dare to shine the sword” with air patrols far from China's coast, whether close to Taiwan or over uninhabited islets disputed with Japan in the East China Sea. Such flights, it ... War
In order to establish control over its new protectorate, the Empire of Japan waged an all-out war on Korean culture. ... Later, underground groups like the Party of Three Thousand, a group of students that tried to undermine the Japanese military after being conscripted to fight in World War II, were formed. War
ABU DHABI – Walking through a trade show all about military drones, Emirati officials made a point on Sunday to stop first at a stand run by Chinese officials with a mock armed drone hanging above them. Defense analysts believe that drone, the Wing Loong II, is now being used by the Emirati military ... War
NAHA, OKINAWA PREF. – A U.S. military helicopter flew over an elementary school adjacent to an air base in Okinawa on Friday afternoon despite a promise to avoid doing so, Japanese government sources and U.S. Forces Japan said. The U.S. military made the promise after a window fell from a ... War
Though military brothels existed in the Japanese military since 1932, they expanded widely after one of the most infamous incidents in imperial Japan's attempt to take over the Republic of China and a broad swath of Asia: the Rape of Nanking. On December 13, 1937, Japanese troops began a ... War
The U.S. and South Korea announced Tuesday that a toned-down version of annual joint military drills would begin April 1 amid a potentially monumental thaw in ties with nuclear-armed North Korea that could see the allies' two leaders hold separate summits with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. The main ...
China persistently challenges Japan's administration over the islands by sailing Coast Guard ships near the Senkaku Islands and protesting Japanese reconnaissance flights. Chinese exercises prominently feature military actions focused on the Senkaku Islands, including exercises training for a possible ...
North Korea's growing missile arsenal might be the most obvious and immediate military threat facing Japan, but defense planners in Tokyo are focused on a much larger and more challenging foe as they prepare for the years ahead. China has stepped up military spending and already dominates the ...


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