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updated Wed. April 18, 2018

Here Venezuelanalysis brings you the final declaration of the 2018 Peoples' Summit direct from Peru, Lima, in which the popular movements present express ... indigenous organizations that resist the onslaught of savage capitalism, environmental organizations that confront the predatory extractive ...
The scholarships are awarded each year by the Center for Global Health, supporting mentored global health research experiences in underserved communities and, as a byproduct, facilitating the development of leaders for global health. The center's scholarship program encourages UVA students ...

Local anti-pipeline leaders to update Trans Mountain opposition's stance after Trudeau's meeting with premiers ... Trudeau wasn't scheduled to meet Horgan or Notley any time soon, as he juggled official trips to Peru, France and the U.K. He announced the last-minute summit during a stopover in Ottawa.
Leaders of 34 countries in the Americas, meeting in Lima this past weekend for the eighth Summit of the Americas, signed the Lima Commitment to work ... Colombia, Peru and Chile-- with President Justin Trudeau of Canada, a candidate to the alliance; plus the parallel summit of Indigenous Peoples, ...
A historian has argued that women were leaders in ancient Peru and that researchers haven't claimed this in the past because they approached their studies ... "When I first saw the reconstruction, I saw some of my indigenous friends from Huarmey in this face," Miłosz Giersz, an archaeologist who ...

Arcand noted the Pope has apologized to victims of abuse and colonization in Peru and Ireland. "Why are First Nations people not allowed to get the same thing. We're looking for the same respect," Arcand said. "We hope you reconsider. The door is open. You're always welcome to Treaty Six territory.". Indigenous
Trudeau has no plans to meet with First Nations leaders when he flies back to Ottawa this weekend, the Prime Minister's Office told VICE News on Friday. NO TREATIES, NO PIPELINES. According to Nicole Schabus, law professor and wife of the late Indigenous author and political leader Arthur ...
The People's Summit unites tribunals, Indigenous, women and youth organizations in an open, respectful discussion, unlike the Summit of the Americas. ... when sprawling international scandals have engulfed mutliple Latin American leaders, including former Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Politics
People on a motorcycle ride past Lima Cathedral with a banner of Pope Francis prior to his visit to Peru, scheduled to follow his tour of Chile. ... Chile is strengthening its border patrol ahead of a scheduled visit by Pope Francis mid-January, it has been announced, as Indigenous leaders warn the pontiff is ... Politics
Peru's former president Alberto Fujimori has been freed after leaving hospital, following a medical pardon. He had been ... Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has survived the beginnings of an impeachment process, significant allegations of corruption and the backlash of pardoning a jailed dictator. Politics
The skiffs arrived a few hours after sundown on September 18, a dark and moonless night in the Peruvian Amazon. They landed at several points along the broad Corrientes River, which flows south over the country's densely forested border with Ecuador. Hundreds of indigenous Achuar men, women, and ... Politics
Peru's president on Sunday granted disgraced former President Alberto Fujimori a pardon on humanitarian grounds, signaling the end of a decade of imprisonment for ... His daughter Keiko is overall leader of the majority Fujimorista faction in congress and twice an unsuccessful candidate for president. Politics
Artists, environmentalist, and leaders of Indigenous communities on their journey through the Peruvian jungle. Photo courtesy ... The event began when the American and European musicians arrived in Peru to learn how the illegal exploitation of wood impacts life in the Amazon's Indigenous communities. Politics
Armed with territorial knowledge, rubber boots, smartphones and drones, indigenous Amazonians in Peru are doing what state and private oil companies have long failed to do: report oil spills that have been polluting their corner of the rainforest for decades. Fidel Sandi, 33, a leader in the indigenous ... Politics
Fujimori oversaw a bloody 10-year reign of terror targeting Indigenous communities, leftist guerrilla movements and parties, trade unions and peasant ... “PPK has never invited us — the families of his victims — to visit him as he has Keiko and Kenji [Fujimori's children, leaders of the far-right Fuerza Popular ... Politics
Of course, we also witnessed the all-too-familiar routine of judicial and physical repression of Indigenous Peoples in Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Panama and ... Two Huichol leaders who fought to reclaim that land were tragically assassinated in 2017; however, the Huichol people have remained steadfast in ... Politics

TEMUCO, Chile — Sergio Catalaf's son was just 3 days old when police arrested the Mapuche Indian leader, accusing him of terrorism. He and 10 other Mapuche leaders spent 14 months in preventive detention before being acquitted in October of setting fire to a farmhouse in which an elderly couple died. Politics
Armed with territorial knowledge, rubber boots, smartphones and drones, indigenous Amazonians in Peru are doing what state and private oil companies have long failed to do: report oil spills that have been polluting their corner of the rainforest for decades. Fidel Sandi, 33, a leader in the indigenous ... Politics
Peru has become the country of greatest attraction for mining investment in Latin America, according to a recent study by Frase Institute, which assesses geological aspects, political environment and favorable regulation. However, this growth of investment has unleashed tensions in territories of indigenous ... Politics
Indigenous women were recognized at COP23 on Gender Day for their ... Ruth Flores, an Aymara leader from Puno, Peru stated, “We women ... Politics
We are at a time now when new forms of leadership are required to ... Leaders today need to understand the historical and structural dimensions of the racial tensions at play. ... justice through the national Indigenous Environmental Network. Favianna Rodriguez, an Afro-Peruvian immigrant, challenges ... Politics
Indigenous groups in Peru ended a 43-day protest after winning healthcare and consultation rights regarding Block 192 oil fields, leaders ... Politics
A delegation of indigenous and rural leaders from Latin America and ... hands of the state are being destroyed,” said Jorge Soza, a community leader. ... (105), Philippines (88), Peru (50), and Democratic Republic of Congo, ... Politics
Indigenous groups in Peru ended a 43-day protest after winning healthcare and consultation rights regarding Block 192 oil fields, leaders said ... Politics
Indigenous villagers ended a 43-day protest that had halted production ... a deal with the government, tribal leaders and officials said Tuesday. Politics
Hundreds of families belonging to the Peruvian indigenous group make their ... Mr Inuma said the Shipibo-Konibo is splintered, and tribal leaders do not ... Peru's indigenous groups, which make up roughly 45 percent of its ... Politics
Over the past two weeks, indigenous protesters blockaded an access road and airstrip in Peru's oldest oil concession, Block 192, deep in the Amazon rain forest of Loreto region, as their leaders travelled to Lima to pressure government authorities for a public consultation on future oil drilling there. Politics
Indigenous leaders from the area around Peru's largest oil field have threatened to block the government from accessing their territories and halt oil production ... “We live in a state where our democratic rights are not respected,” said Carlos Sandi, the leader of the Corrientes river indigenous federation. Politics
“At present, it is estimated that about one-third of the global demand for sawn timber is satisfied by commercial tree plantations, and this proportion is expected to increase over time,” says Manuel Guariguata, CIFOR principal scientist and leader on forest management and restoration, and the lead author of ... Politics
A pilot project in the Madre de Dios River region of the Peruvian Amazon was one of the first pilot projects financed by the brand-new International Land and ... Julio Ricardo Cusurichi Palacios, a Shipibo indigenous leader from Peru and the winner of the 2007 Goldman Prize for grassroots environmental ... Politics
The authors also sought comments from indigenous leaders and texts written by indigenous organizations to expand on the contexts described by the peer-reviewed articles. In recognition of AIDESEP's (Peru's national indigenous Amazonian organization) and COICA's (the pan-Amazonian indigenous ... Politics
Indigenous Issues to Center 2018 Papal Visit to Peru, Chile .... On one of the final days of his trip, the Catholic leader will pay ... During his first day in Peru, the Pope will meet with Indigenous leaders in the Amazon and attend ... Politics
Latin America - Under Peruvian law, a title gives traditional forest communities ... Community leaders thought that they were exercising their rights when ... CIFOR's Global Comparative Study on Forest Tenure Reform in Peru. Politics
However, many other countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Peru and ... and indigenous populations, or mixed-blood leadership over indigenous ... Politics
... is a Bonner Scholar going to Peru to study indigenous peoples and ... to assume leadership roles within government and the private sector. Politics
Under the leadership of the North American native leaders, the World Council ... Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador went as far as to accept ... Politics
This past month, eighteen Aymara community leaders endured the final stages of a ... proposed in the territory of rural Aymara indigenous communities,” he said. ... Bear Creek contends that Peru violated the terms of its trade agreement ... On the other side, the Peruvian state seeks to jail Walter Aduviri and ... Politics
Indigenous leaders lament disconnect between SDG indicators and ... and two other leaders from the Philippines and Peru said at the U.N. ... Politics
... life in ancient Peru is based on pseudoscience, unfair to indigenous peoples, ... standards and is unfair to Peruvian and other indigenous peoples. ... and society by educating leaders, building healthy communities and ... Politics
Rudolfo Serva came to Blaine County with his father from a rural village in Peru 33 years ago. Today, he and his four brothers operate six ... In recent years, they have become business leaders, creating the kind of jobs they sought upon arrival in the ... Politics
At one public meeting in Washington, indigenous community leaders from Colombia and Peru cited constitutions, peace agreements and international documents to illustrate government violations of their rights. Politics
Speaking were Pakistan on behalf of a like-minded group of countries, Tunisia on behalf of the African Group, Netherlands on behalf of a group of 33 States, Bahrain on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Malta on behalf of the European Union, Peru ... Politics
This initiate is run by Erestina Appiah who is the founder and a leader in the IT sector Let's take a look at some of the women, listed on Women in Tech Africa, who continue to be pioneers in this ever growing fast-paced industry. Politics
WASHINGTON - Catholic leaders are calling for governments to protect the territorial rights of indigenous people suffering eviction from their lands and pollution of their water because of mining and oil operations in the Amazon basin. Politics
"This hearing was a very important moment to highlight the reality experienced by our indigenous brothers and sisters, and in general all the ethnicities of the Amazon," said the indigenous leader and Archbishop of Huancayo, Peru. "We have to continue ... Politics
To help diffuse the situation, the Italian government has called a meeting with union leaders and airline management for the afternoon of Monday, March 20, to discuss the plan and its ramifications. Politics
This summer, Mr. Hirschbaum, 28, will travel to rural Peru for the fourth time, where he provides medical education to indigenous communities along the Amazon River. He works ... He is thrilled to be in the company of future leaders of the field. "It ... Politics
Ahead of the event, Forests News sat down with Anne Larson, a Principal Scientist at CIFOR and team leader of the Global Comparative Study on Forest Tenure Reform, to hear her thoughts. Politics
Nearly 15 months after President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree that legalized the growing, sales, and export of marijuana for medical and scientific purposes, the process of obtaining the necessary licenses remains in a legislative limbo as the ... Politics


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