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updated Thu. January 26, 2023

LIMA, Peru—Most Peruvians were relieved to see Vice President Martin Vizcarra sworn in as the country's new leader last Friday, after a series of revelations and accusations of corruption forced beleaguered President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to resign. But the installation of the relatively unknown Vizcarra ...

In Peru, officials from the Tourism Union of the Lima Business Chamber say they are expecting another big year as an estimated 1.5 million Peruvians will be traveling during this week. In this timeframe, more than $247 million USD (or, about 800 million soles) worth of capital is expected to be gained ...
Each time it comes out of the kitchen, heads turn. Most diners stare, confused by the light-green monstrosity. Then they realize what the ridiculousness is. All but who are dead inside release a smile. It's a huge cloud of green apple cotton candy. It's not served on a paper cone. It's on a formal dinner plate.
A recent poll by GFK reveals that 49 percent of Peruvians believe Kuczynski's two vice presidents should resign and that Congressional President Luis Galarreta should call new elections. The poll, conducted between March 17 and 20, indicated that only 26 percent of the population supports Vizcarra as ...
LIMA – Peruvian trust in democracy appears to be at rock bottom: a paltry 17 percent of the population believes their leadership governs “for the good of the whole population,” and just 45 percent say they support democracy as a system of governance. Peruvians' cynicism is not without good reason.
The poll, conducted by La Republica newspaper and GfK Global, reveals that 83 percent of Peruvians don't approve of their president's policies and political conduct. Fifty-two percent of those who disapprove of Kuczynski want him congressionally removed, while fifty-five percent want him to resign.
Two conquering empires and more than 500 years of colonial rule failed to erase the cultural and genetic traces of indigenous Peruvians, a new study finds. This runs contrary to historical accounts that depict a complete devastation of northern Peru's ancient Chachapoya people by the Inca Empire.
After narrowly surviving one impeachment attempt in December last year, PPK (as Peruvians know him) resigned on March 21st when defeat in another became inevitable. Having served just 20 months, he became the 19th elected president in Latin America in the past 30 years to fail to complete his term.


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