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was prominent in a short-lived military coup that overthrew President Jamil Mahuad in 2000 following demonstrations in Quito by thousands of indigenous Ecuadorians protesting the Mahuad government's corruption and economic policies. Ordered to disperse the protestors, Gutiérrez instead organized mobile kitchens to feed them and stood aside when they took over the national parliament building. Gutiérrez then joined with two leaders of the protests to form a government of national salvation. That government was removed in short order by the commanders of the armed forces, who jailed Gutiérrez for six months.

Gutiérrez ran for President in 2002 as the candidate of the January 21 Patriotic Society Party, named for the date of the unsuccessful 2000 coup, on a platform of fighting corruption and introducing populist economic reforms. He defeated banana magnate and richest man in Ecuador Álvaro Noboa in the second round with 55% of the popular vote.

Gutiérrez began alienating many of his supporters even before taking office, however, by taking inconsistent positions on whether he supported joining the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and lost much of his support by pursuing conservative economic policies as president. His former left-wing supporters joined with the conservative Social Christian Party in November 2004 in launching an effort to impeach him on charges of spending public funds in support of the candidates of his party in the most recent elections. That effort collapsed a week later when the Social Christian Party withdrew its support for the proceedings.

In December 2004, Gutiérrez alleged that the Supreme Court of Justice was biased in favor of the Social Christians. His political party Sociedad Patriótica, together with PRIAN (Álvaro Noboa) and PRE (Abdalá Bucaram), voted in Congress for the cancellation of the Supreme Court of Justice, even though the Constitution gives autonomy to the judicial branch and does not authorize Congress to interfere in the judiciary by removing or nominating judges. Judges were replaced by allies to PRE, PRIAN and PSP with the clear intention of dropping corruption charges against former president Abdalá Bucaram, accused of several acts of corruption during his presidency leading to his self-exile in Panama from 1997 until April 2005.

On April 15, 2005, amid a growing environment of political crisis, President Gutiérrez declared a state of emergency in Quito and revoked the newly appointed Supreme Court of Justice. This was a controversial move that provoked conflicting reactions, and the state of emergency was lifted on April 16, as Ecuador's Congress was expected to hold a session in order to decide whether to ratify the Supreme Court's dismissal. (

On April 20, 2005, following a week of political unrest, the Congress of Ecuador (in a special session with opposition delegates only), on the legal pretext that Gutiérrez had abandoned his constitutional duties, voted 62-0 to remove him from office and appointed Vice President Alfredo Palacio to serve as interim president. At the same time, the top commanders of Ecuador's military publicly expressed that they were withdrawing their support for Gutiérrez, who reportedly left the presidential palace in a helicopter and sought political asylum in the embassy of Brazil in Ecuador.

Lucio Gutierrez
Lucio Gutierrez
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updated Mon. February 26, 2018

Some of the key figures in the Yes campaign included: right-wing Guayaquil Mayor Jaime Nebot; Guillermo Lasso, a corporate banker who was Moreno's main rival in last April's presidential elections; and former presidents Abdala Bucaram and Lucio Gutierrez. The Yes vote was also backed by some ...
J. EMERSBERGER: I think Moreno's just a throwback to the political establishment that dominated in the 90's. They ran on fake agendas, often fake left agendas. The most notorious was Lucio Gutierrez. Then they make these alliances and then stab each other in the back, then make new alliances and stab ...

Lucio Gutierrez led the Spartans with eight points - four goals and four assists. "It's been a fun season," Gutierrez said. "We definitely couldn't have done it without everyone on the team. It's definitely not a one man job." Adrian Hernandez scored three goals in Friday's game while J.P. Ayonkue tallied once.
All the scoring took place in the second period, with Adrian Hernandez and Lucio Gutierrez each scoring single goals for Chula Vista and Jose Lopez scoring once for Sweetwater. Lopez's goal tied the game, 1-1, before Gutierrez later broke the tie. The game's ending proved to be one of the most exciting of ...
Lucio Gutierrez Hernandez, 44, admitted to U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood in a change of plea hearing Friday morning that he entered the country illegally. She accepted the plea and immediately sentenced Gutierrez to time served and said he would be turned over to a federal deportation officer.
Chula Vista, off to a 2-1 start on the season, is led in scoring by Adrian Hernandez with six goals and two assists while Lucio Gutierrez has tacked on five goals and two assists. Hernandez had a big season debut with six goals and one assist in the win over San Ysidro while Gutierrez collected five goals in ...

... and annotating Father Alcina's monumental work with the help of Dominican scholars Father Pablo Fernandez and Father Lucio Gutierrez.
Here in San Roque, a sprawling, working-class neighborhood in Quito, Ecuador, a prison called Garcia Moreno operated for almost 150 years.
Dietro l'ex colonnello ed ex presidente Lucio Gutierrez ci sono militari in pensione e polizia. Si sono presentati con l'ex generale progressista Paco Moncayo che, proponendosi negli ultimi mesi, ha dato copertura anche a questi settori e a quelle ...
In April 2005, Lucio Gutierrez was accused of packing the supreme court with associates in the midst of a popular uprising and also dismissed from the presidency.
As Banco de Guayaquil president and largest shareholder, he coordinated right-wing attacks on Correa's agenda. During former Ecuadorian president Lucio Gutierrez's neoliberal tenure, he developed relations with US business elites. Pre-election, Moreno ...
2000: Jamil Mahuad is forced to step down from the presidency following a military coup led by Lucio Gutierrez, and massive protests by Indigenous Ecuadoreans.
In 2005, history repeated itself when popular protest brought down President Lucio Gutierrez for betraying an ostensible left-wing government.
... of Banco de Guayaquil coordinated the attacks of the economic elites against Correa's measures. As a financial tycoon, Lasso was already known for developing relations with the U.S.
Rebecca Gutierrez, age 73, of Italy, passed away early Thursday morning, December 22, 2016. She was born February 16, 1943 in Files Valley, Texas to Pedro Cadena and Rebecca Vargas.
Rebecca was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Lucio Gutierrez and one son, Frankie Gutierrez. Visitation for family and friends will be 4PM to 8PM with a 7PM Rosary Monday, December 26, 2016 at the Boze-Mitchell-McKibbin Chapel.
In April 2005, Lucio Gutierrez was accused of packing the supreme court with associates in the midst of a popular uprising and also dismissed from the presidency.

... the country's east - tried to overthrow Evo Morales, elected in 2006, and failed. Also unsuccessful was the attempted 2010 coup against Ecuador's Rafael Correa led by Lucio Gutierrez, a former neoliberal president overthrown in a popular uprising 2005.
Paris: Brazil's Dilma Rousseff became the latest political leader ousted for legal reasons after the Senate voted for her impeachment Wednesday.
Among those impeached by parliament were Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez, Presidents Abdala Bucaram and Lucio Gutierrez of Ecuador, Peru's Alberto Fujimori, and Indonesia's Abdurrahman Wahid, among others. Forced to resign were Brazil's ...
In April 2005, Mr Lucio Gutierrez was accused of packing the Supreme Court with associates in the midst of a popular uprising and also dismissed from the presidency.
In April 2005, Lucio Gutierrez was accused of packing the supreme court with associates in the midst of a popular uprising and also dismissed from the presidency.
2000 Former Slovak prime minister Vladimir Meciar is arrested for abusing powers in office. 2005 Ecuador's Congress removes President Lucio Gutierrez after escalating street protests and swears in Vice- President Alfredo Palacio as the country's new ...
Lucio Gutierrez. A financial crisis had led to cut in funding to the armed forces, and a population tired of a corrupt system: ripe ground for a military intervention.
police said in a facebook post around midnight that Lucio Gutierrez Salazar, 61, had been found and was safely returned home.


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