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updated Tue. February 20, 2024

Walters, Augustine, Golphin and a fourth death row inmate, Marcus Reymond Robinson, were removed from death row in 2012 under North Carolina's Racial Justice Act. The law, which has since been repealed by the General Assembly, gave death row inmates a chance to commute their sentences to life ...
In dozens of states, Democratic leaders are vying to bring about “the next Virginia,” in the words of North Carolina Representative Graig Meyer, who is part of a .... and lost one governorship, in North Carolina, where Pat McCrory defeated Walter Dalton and promptly repealed the state's Racial Justice Act.18.

Correction of this injustice has been frustratingly difficult, as demonstrated in North Carolina. In 2009, that state adopted the Racial Justice Act, landmark legislation that allowed death-row prisoners to challenge their sentences on the basis of statistical evidence of racial discrimination, but then repealed the ...
Our legislature later repealed the Racial Justice Act, which allowed a different judge to overturn Marcus's resentencing. The repeal ... that such bias existed. Our Supreme Court, which is bound to fairness, now has a duty to all North Carolina citizens to make sure that this evidence sees the light of day.
The North Carolina Supreme Court this month took the admirable step of granting review of three important cases that raise issues under the Racial Justice Act, or RJA. I sponsored this path-breaking piece of legislation enacted in 2009. The RJA was only the second law of its kind in the nation and it was ...

The North Carolina Supreme Court will hear cases that will decide whether racial bias is enough to move felons from death row. ... were the first inmates to prove under the North Carolina Racial Justice Act that racial discrimination led to their death sentences, which were reduced to life without parole.
But Racial Justice Act advocates have countered that a Michigan State University study of 173 capital trials over a 20-year period in North Carolina shows otherwise. The study found that in North Carolina, between 1990 and 2010, qualified black jurors were more than twice as likely as whites to be ...

The reason their cases were reviewed at all was because of a 2009 North Carolina law known as the Racial Justice Act, which allowed judges to reduce death sentences to life in prison without parole when defendants were able to prove racial bias in their charge, jury selection, or sentence. “The Racial ...
The state Supreme Court vacated rulings in four historic Racial Justice Act cases, saying the judge erred when he did not give prosecutors more time to respond to a statistical study about race in the North Carolina courts. The decision overturns Cumberland County Superior Court Judge Greg Weeks' ...
North Carolina's governor says he agreed to repeal a law that allowed inmates to challenge their death sentences on racial grounds because it effectively banned capital punishment in the state. North Carolina legislators barred death sentences "sought or obtained on the basis of race" in 2009, when both ...
In the weeks before the State House of Representatives took up the Racial Justice Act, most lawmakers acknowledged it was headed for repeal. Still, the legislative debate stretched over two days and was noteworthy for both its emotion and its ideology. Those who voted to rescind it recited the names of ...
TRASH BIN BODY, from WINSTON-SALEM - Authorities say they have charged three men with murder and kidnapping in the beating of a man found dead inside a trash bin in North Carolina. SENT: 130 words. - RACIAL JUSTICE ACT, from RALEIGH - Three convicted murderers once temporarily removed ...


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