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updated Tue. September 12, 2023

Mounting calls to enhance gun control through state and federal legislation have come in response to a series of mass school shootings—most ... from more than 2,000 U.S. high schools who planned to protest on Friday, students from Chapel Hill, North Carolina walked out while chanting, "Guns don't die.

In a matter of days, new legislation was enacted. .... In the US, terrorists also prefer guns: out of 16 lethal terrorism-associated attacks since 9/11, all but two involved firearms. ... “Think of the Rwandan genocide,” says David Yamane, a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.
The reaction from some residents has been to turn their firearms in to police in hopes they would then be destroyed. A petition is scheduled to go before the Chapel Hill Town Council on Wednesday night asking for a gun buyback program. But North Carolina law does not currently allow for the destruction ...
He said he wasn't spurred by recent comments by retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who recently wrote in an op-ed that a repeal of the Second Amendment "would be simple and would do more to weaken the N.R.A.'s ability to stymie legislative debate and block constructive gun control ...
North Carolina state Sen. Mike Woodard demanded an end to the “gun show” loophole, which exempts private sellers of firearms from performing background checks on buyers at secondary markets such as gun shows. He believes much of the common-sense gun legislation should have been in place ...
Luke Stancil, her campaign spokesman, responded by referencing a candidate for sheriff in North Carolina who joked about taking people's guns. ... their guns. Most speakers at the Washington march and other marches across the country spoke about stricter gun laws and warned politicians of forthcoming ...
Unless Democrats win control of the legislature in this year's election, you can safely bet North Carolina won't be tightening gun laws anytime soon. A new N.C. ... Taking guns off the table still leaves plenty of ideas to consider, and the committee spent hours brainstorming the possibilities. "The deal is ...
... an online backlash from social media users convinced he was willing to kill his constituents to take away their guns. That candidate insists it's not true. R. Daryl Fisher is one of eight candidates running for sheriff of Buncombe County in western North Carolina. He's one of five Democrats seeking to win the ...
The school board's resolution calls on Congress and North Carolina lawmakers to pass laws that more "effectively regulate" access to firearms, funds ... "The North Carolina School Boards Association has no policy on gun ownership, but it does have a policy about bringing guns on the campuses and I ...


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