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updated Wed. June 5, 2024

The New York Times profiles the growing complexities of the higher education industry, which despite years of downward enrollment trends and shrinking ... Geography plays a major role in the fate of some colleges and universities, save for some in the south which are entrenched as cultural and academic ...

He cited "interference" from the chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education and the system's Board of Regents as a reason for leaving his current role ... Raymond Tymas-Jones, associate vice president for the arts and a former dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah, will become ...
Business First's 2018 College Guide contains detailed information about 67 schools located across the vast region north of New York City. Included in that pool are all 22 undergraduate colleges (two-year and four-year) in the eight counties of Western New York, as well as the 45 four-year colleges in the ...
An analysis of 41 other colleges and universities shows a similar trend: high schools that were visited for recruiting events tended to be whiter and wealthier than .... A study by Meagan Holland at the University at Buffalo found recruitment visits aren't merely an indicator of each college's priorities; they also ...
KYOTO, Japan — On a beautiful spring Sunday during cherry blossom season, the new president of Kyoto Seika University welcomed students for .... Already, 20 percent of its student body comes from abroad, much higher than the 4 percent overall ratio of foreign students in Japanese higher education.
An upstate New York college president has resigned amid allegations he plagiarized part of his dissertation. ... The Chronicle of Higher Education reports an anonymous email was sent to several media outlets saying passages of Vincent's dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania were lifted from other ...


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