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Founded in 1887 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University is a liberal arts based research university addressing natural, social and human imperatives from local to global scales. Nationally renowned as a college that changes lives, Clark is a transformative force in higher education, established within ...
The Bay State's multi-tiered licensing system encourages educators to work toward higher education, including a master's degree. That's why Nevada's Alternative Route to Licensure Program — designed to fill vacancies and get those who didn't study education into the classroom — is crazy to McCormack ...

As a trustee, Oravecz led the performance monitoring committee and was known to frequently chime in during discussion about issues related to higher education. Before serving as a trustee, Oravecz sat on a committee that created new high school boundary recommendations during the 2015-2016 ...
When it comes to getting a quality nursing education, you'll find that New England has some of the top schools for higher education. Massachusetts might not be the largest state, but they have some of the oldest and most established institutions in the nation. Despite their size, Massachusetts is also a top ...
One such shortcoming, Tolman thought, was the state's lack of investment in higher education. He continued, “We're Americans first, Jon. We're Americans. It's too far today where people think you're either a Democrat or a Republican and there's no in between. We need to work together as Americans first ...

“They can't predict how much state aid a student might receive,” Bridget Terry Long of the Harvard Graduate School of Education told the Board of Higher Education Tuesday. “It's too complicated. There are too many other factors that just don't allow them to predict and give that message to students that ...
BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts' attorney general can move forward with a lawsuit alleging that one of the largest student loan servicers in the United ... on Thursday denied Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistant Agency's motion to dismiss Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey's lawsuit.

... public four-year colleges and universities rose by 77 percent, faster than in any other state in the country except Delaware, according to a report released Thursday by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, a left-leaning research group that advocates for more state funding for higher education.
Tuition and fees for students at Massachusetts public colleges and universities have climbed by $4,600 since 2001 as the state has cut its funding for public higher education by 14 percent and enrollment has increased, according to a new report out Thursday. The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center ...
But do we exercise the same, or similar, power on Beacon Hill, the seat of the Massachusetts state legislature? Look at their actions and you'll see that the state legislature has continuously failed us by systematically divesting from public higher education year after year. The Foundation Budget Review ...
But with each mass school shooting, these programs face questions about what the role of teachers should be in caring for their students and themselves. Some programs offer crisis-preparedness courses or seminars, and often deal with more common classroom scenarios, like a student's bringing a knife ...
BOSTON (WWLP)—Student debt is rising in Massachusetts, but state funding is falling. College students are calling on the state to invest more in the higher education system and provide them with some financial relief. According to a MassBudget report, average tuition and fees for Massachusetts public ...
According to statewide data from 2012, only 21 percent of students who were placed in a developmental class in Massachusetts went on to pass a college level course. Carlos Santiago, the Massachusetts higher education commissioner, says that while it's easy to blame K-12 schools, especially those that ...
But this year, it's coming as state leaders are seeing the costs of public higher education here in Massachusetts — which is rising faster than in 49 states — as a big problem, one without a ready solution. In the hallway before their meetings, students worked through their "asks." Those had been carefully ...


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