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updated Sun. February 11, 2024

Welcome to a political convention, #MeToo-style, where the sexual harassment reckoning that continues to rattle the California political world permeated ... “Most of the elected officials in tough seats that I spoke with … said a variation of the same thing: 'I know I haven't done anything wrong, and I intend to ...

It is really my good fortune to work for San Joaquin County, a county where the board of supervisors, our county administrator, elected officials and our department heads all foster and encourage an environment of innovation and ongoing investment in technology for the benefit of our community,” Becker ...
Nor were officials sure what “sections of the wall” Trump was referring to as elements that “California wants.” ….Elected officials also didn't offer much of a hint that Trump's words had moved them. Even the current border upgrades are “not a priority in our view,” said Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House ...
Here's the bottom line: elected officials in California are protecting illegals, at the expense of American citizens. California gets away with it because Democrats dominate the state, and they enjoy maximum support from Hispanics. They intend to keep it that way. The ball is in the Trump administration's court.
Donald Trump's California supporters are “ecstatic” that the president will be making his first official visit to the state next month. But his March trip to San Diego to advance construction of a border ... So far, some leading elected officials, including Gov. Jerry Brown have been silent on the president's plans.
Unlimited double dipping is back for most elected officials in California, thanks to laws passed quietly by state legislators in budget bills in 2015 and 2017. ... Dumanis is the only person who has inquired with current SDCERA management about collecting a pension and receiving an elected official salary at ...
Republican John Cox's bid to overhaul California's Legislature by adding thousands of elected officials came to a sputtering end Tuesday on the announcement that he failed to collect enough signatures. Cox, a candidate for governor running on a reform-minded platform, collected 559,906 valid signatures ...
The toppling of powerful men in the worlds of entertainment, media and politics has reverberated through California's government, the seat of the world's sixth-largest economy, with multiple elected officials stepping aside after being accused of sexual misconduct and another on a leave of absence pending ...
The size of the upset surprised some Democrats, as convention rules favor elected officials and their chosen delegates, and most of the party ... In 1990, as a candidate for governor of California, Feinstein was denied the party's endorsement at the convention, thanks in part to her support for the death ...


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