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updated Thu. March 22, 2018

Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., center, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, April 7, 2011. Election ... On the top, it says, "Congressman Duncan Hunter is working to stop higher gas taxes and wasteful bullet train spending" and has pictures of Hunter meeting with constituents. But then ...
Andrew Zelt, the first Republican to mount an intra-party challenge against Rep. Duncan Hunter of Alpine for this year's midterm elections, is ending his campaign. A sergeant in the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, Zelt struggled to raise money as a first-time-candidate but used creative gimmicks ...

Rep. Duncan Hunter speaks at a September news conference in San Diego with Attorney General Jeff Sessions . (John Gibbins / Union-Tribune). Michael SmolensContact Reporter. Rep. Duncan Hunter marches on, even as Republicans on both coasts tighten the screws. He has filed for re-election and outwardly ... GOP
Rep. Duncan Hunter, already staring down an FBI investigation, is running into serious turbulence for reelection. Sensing that the five-term congressman is mortally wounded by a federal investigation into alleged misuse of campaign money and a recent POLITICO report about his freewheeling ...
The world seems to be closing in on U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter. Two weeks ago, Politico ran an unsparing profile adding up all we know about the scandal provoked by how he spent campaign funds. It also has new revelations about his "freewheeling" lifestyle in D.C., his family troubles, big debts and more.
Congressmember Duncan D. Hunter joined Good Morning San Diego for a two-part interview to discuss important national and local issues. Qualcomm is a huge economic driver for the San Diego economy and "has a chip in almost every smartphone in the world," said Hunter. In a letter to President ...

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, visited the Coast Guard Cutter James on Sept. 20, 2017. (JOHN GIBBINS). By Abby HamblinContact Reporter · Duncan Hunter · National Rifle Association of America · Darrell Issa. Would raising the minimum age allowed to purchase guns make mass shootings less likely? That's just one ... Rifle
SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Local Rep. Duncan Hunter addressed the federal investigation into his campaign's spending and gave his thoughts on the ongoing gun control debate. The Republican congressman, who represents California's 50th District, told 10News anchors Virginia Cha and Jason Martinez ... DOJ
Duncan Hunter for a hotly-contested district that encompasses much of East County. Wells, who has held the mayoral position since 2013, is seeking to take over the 50th Congressional District, which serves more than 730,000 constituents, including those in the North County communities of Fallbrook, ...
Duncan Hunter facing legal troubles, Democrats running in California's 50th District are increasingly hopeful about picking up a reliably GOP seat. Hunter won his previous elections in the district by high double digits, beginning in 2008, when he succeeded his father, who served in Congress for almost ...
Duncan Hunter is intensifying as a grand jury in San Diego questions multiple former aides about whether the California Republican improperly diverted political funds for personal use. Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed Hunter's parents, as well as a female lobbyist with whom many people close to the ...
The criminal investigation into Rep. Duncan Hunter is intensifying as a grand jury in San Diego questions multiple former aides about whether the California Republican improperly diverted political funds for personal use. Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed Hunter's parents, as well as a female lobbyist ...
The name Geoffrey Hermanstorfer is listed on federal campaign reports as giving $2,300 to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, in 2008 and $500 to Rep. Darrell Issa in 2009. Hermanstorfer, of Maryland, told The San Diego Union-Tribune that he didn't make either contribution. His ex-wife, Patricia Driscoll, ...
Driscoll listed the younger Hunter as a potential character witness in court records for a custody dispute in Howard County, Maryland, according to court records posted by the NASCAR sports website Kickin' the Tires. The document said the younger Duncan Hunter had seen Driscoll interact with her son at ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter speaks to reporters in the Capitol in January 2017. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images). Rep. Duncan Hunter's reelection campaign could be headed into a tailspin. According to the latest campaign finance reports, Hunter's campaign is bleeding money. The Republican from Alpine raised an anemic $50,703 in ...
There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on with Darrell Issa, left, and Duncan Hunter these days. (John Gibbins / Union-Tribune). Michael SmolensContact Reporter. Political intrigue swirled around San Diego-area Reps. Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter this past week amid developments that raised questions about their futures.
Move over Donald Trump sanity issues, his early supporter and continuing sycophant, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-50th Congressional District) apparently has his own mentally-related issues. Uttering numerous insane slurs and comments across various media sites this week, could Hunter be suffering from ...

Rep. Duncan Hunter has been under the cloud of federal investigation into his campaign spending since at least last year. Now, he's accusing FBI investigators of dragging the inquiry on as his campaign for re-election gears up. In an interview Thursday with San Diego's KUSI-TV, the Alpine Republican ...
Duncan Hunter Doolittle, 97, a former resident of StoneRidge in Mystic, Connecticut, died Sunday, December 24, 2017, at Avalon Health Center. He was the husband of the late Nancy Ann (Parsons) Doolittle. Born in Providence, Duncan was the son of the late Lytton Warnick and Mary Lippitt (Hunter) ...
Rep. Duncan D. Hunter joined Good Morning San Diego for a two-part interview to discuss several topics in the current political landscape. Part 1: The GOP Tax Reform bill, President Trump on Steve Bannon's new book, long-term spending bill, DACA, the border wall and more. Part 2: Political future for ...
Rep, Duncan Hunter (R-50th Congressional District), like his President idol (for now) Donald Trump should do everyone a favor and resign. Considering Hunter's multiple transgressions, topped off by breaking the law by spending campaign finance $$$ for his, and his family's, personal expenses, ...
Duncan Hunter and 11 other California Republicans just joined the Red State “swamp lords” to betray the people they claim to represent. Middle- and upper-middle-class home-owners will get a tax increase. Donald Trump and the Republicans broke every promise they made during the last election.
Local Indivisible group picks Democrat to endorse against Rep. Duncan Hunter ... Duncan Hunter and months to go before the candidate filing deadline, one local activist group has made an early endorsement in the race. Indivisible CA50, made up of activists mostly in San Diego County, announced ...
Welcome to Essential Politics, our in-the-moment look at California political and government news. Sign up for our free newsletter for analysis and more, and subscribe to the California Politics Podcast. Don't miss our Essential Politics page in Sunday's California section. All updates, 2018 election, 2018 ...
While the GOP's tax bill would end deductions for properties damaged in natural disasters, including ongoing Southern California wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of buildings, San Diego County's two Republican representatives in the House are backing an effort to provide some financial relief. Rep.
Well if you look up right now, you might just see poofs of Duncan Hunter floating westward over the streets of Capitol Hill! This morning Politico beat the crap out of Hunter WITH WORDS, and we would not be for shocked if Hunter announces this week that he'll be spending more time with his family come ...
SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter is facing more personal allegations, amid an ongoing Department of Justice investigation that he misused campaign funds. In an article published on Politico, Hunter is accused of having relationships with women on Capitol Hill and abusing ...
The FBI investigation into whether GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter of Alpine misused campaign funds for personal expenses appears to be intensifying, according to a report by Politico. The website revealed that additional grand jury subpoenas have been issued to people close to the five-term congressman. Here are some key ...
Grand Jury Subpoena Issued in Duncan Hunter Case. California congressman compares investigation into questionable campaign expenses to that of Trump. Posted Jan 11, 2018 8:32 AM. Eric Garcia · @EricMGarcia · He Said, He Said: Lawmakers in Trump Meeting Appalled — Or 'Don't Recall' Report: Rokita Received ...
A grand jury subpoena has been issued in the ongoing investigation into campaign finance spending by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-50th District), the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Wednesday. Hunter has been criticized for improper use of campaign funds but has repeatedly said he repaid the ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter said Thursday he plans to run for reelection this year following a report that fellow California Rep. Darrell Issa is considering running for Hunter's seat. "I am 100% running for reelection and with continued support from those in my district and the full endorsement of the Republican Party ...
All tied up with red, white, and blue bows, Congressman Duncan Hunter presented the GOP tax bill as great for America, but let's take a closer ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, walks down the House steps at the Capitol following passage of tax reform on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017.
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-50th Congressional District) this month has ducked constituents refusing to hold a town hall. He has been nowhere to ...
Duncan Hunter represents California's 50th Congressional District, is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and a Marine Corps ...
Duncan Hunter — R-50th Congressional District. As a public service, The Grapevine will be taking a more pro-active role in coming months ...
WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan 24) - Rep. Duncan Hunter (R, California) strongly criticized the State Department on Wednesday for its handling of ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, talks with attendees of a House Armed Services Committee hearing in Rayburn Building in 2014. (Tom Williams ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter, at podium, is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, which is headed by Attorny General Jeff Sessions, ...
Duncan Hunter took it a step further and called for a military takeover of the rogue nation. “A conventional invasion is what you're talking, not ...
Yet, Duncan Hunter, our Congressman, the man our community voted to represent us, is calling for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea.
Another member of Rep. Duncan Hunter's party has stepped up to challenge him for his inland San Diego County congressional seat.
SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Congressman Duncan Hunter did not walk back on his comments regarding a possible strike on North Korea Saturday.
Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) says sanctioning North Korea under the auspices of any world order, such as the U.N. or the European Union ...
Duncan Hunter's call for a “pre-emptive strike” on North Korea is incendiary and dangerous — the worst thing he's publicly said as a politician.
Reps. Darrell Issa (left) and Duncan Hunter at a September news conference in San Diego where Attorney General Jeff Sessions talked about ...
Two Democratic challengers are outraising Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter in the increasingly competitive race to represent the 50th ...
Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, continued racking up legal fees in the third quarter of the year amid an ongoing federal criminal investigation into his ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign has spent nearly half a million dollars on legal fees this year amid the ongoing FBI investigation into alleged ...
SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Congressman Duncan Hunter did not walk back on his comments regarding a possible strike on North Korea Saturday.


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