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updated Tue. April 3, 2018

"The AL condemns the Israeli obvious, systematic and large-scale crimes against the defenseless Palestinian civilians that are considered war crimes and ... The United States is the number one backer of Israel and U.S. President Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and ...
During the negotiations establishing that tribunal and its rules, it was -- ironically, in view of later events -- the United States that insisted on including the crime of "waging a war of aggression" and on placing it at the head of the list. The U.S. position was that all the rest of Germany's war crimes sprang from this first ...

He has no hope of ever walking again but, thanks to a new war crimes tribunal, he finally has some hope that, after 10 years as an independent ... The special court, which is expected to issue its first indictments soon, is supported by the United States and Europe, Kosovo's main backers and funders. Kosovo war
A barely noticed anniversary slid by on March 20th. It's been 15 years since the United States committed the greatest war crime of the twenty-first century: the unprovoked, aggressive invasion of Iraq. The New York Times, which didn't exactly cover itself in glory in the run-up to that invasion, recently ran ... recycling War crimes criminals
John Bolton, President Donald Trump's incoming national security adviser, is talking like a war criminal. Acting on his argument in favor of the preemptive use of nuclear weapons against North Korea and/or Iran without congressional authorization would define the United States as a "rogue" state ... war crimes
During the meeting, Trump held up posters of recent Saudi weapon purchases from the United States and said, “We make the best equipment in the world.” Human rights groups warn the massive arms deal may make the United States complicit in war crimes committed in the Saudi-led bombing campaign ... war crimes

So isn't it wonderful that the Saudis are going to give the United States some of their wealth, by profiting Boeing, providing jobs, so they can better bomb airports and schools in Yemen? They can do so confident that the U.S. media will ignore their war crimes due to the pressing need to cover presidential ... war crimes
“But this has not deterred the USA, the UK and other states, including France, Spain and Italy, from continuing transfers of billions of dollars worth of such arms. As well as devastating civilian lives, this makes a mockery of the global Arms Trade Treaty.” The United States and Britain are both signatories to ... war crimes
Donald Trump has nominated a woman who ran a torture site to be head of the CIA. Within the United States, there is a "debate" over whether "enhanced interrogation" was legitimate or illegitimate. Here's a test for Americans who can't figure it out. If Iraqis or Iranians or Russians treated captured ... war crimes
Chemical weapons in Syria: A huge distraction from conventional war crimes ... the use of such weapons reverberates around the world and makes substantial political waves, constituting what amounts to a de facto front separating the United States, Russia and the rest of the international community. war crimes
Saudi Arabia is a major buyer of Western weapons and European governments have come under pressure from NGOs over fears their arms could potentially be implicated in war crimes in Yemen. Norway suspended arms exports to the UAE while Germany said no weapons will be supplied to countries ... war crimes
Poland's special prosecutors are seeking his extradition for alleged war crimes during the second world war. Photograph: Richard Sennott/AP ... The AP also established that Karkoc lied to US immigration officials to get into the United States several years after the war. German prosecutors also opened an ... war crimes
The panel also rejected the United States-led coalition's account of multiple airstrikes last March on a school building in Raqqa Province, which investigators said killed at least 150 of the 200 civilians who were housed there after fleeing fighting elsewhere. The panel said it had found no evidence to ... Russia War Crime
Milan Trisic tortured Muslims during the Bosnian civil war and then lied his way into the United States in 2000, concealing his ethnic cleansing history while claiming to be a refugee fleeing persecution. Earlier this week, a federal judge sentenced him to 18 months in prison, after which he faces deportation. War Crimes
BOSTON -- A Providence man accused of war crimes and human rights violations during Guatemala's civil war was ordered deported back to his ... In a brief hearing Thursday afternoon, U.S. Immigration Judge Jose Sanchez rejected Samayoa's petition to remain in the United States and ordered him to ... war
... said on Friday they had identified more than 40 South Sudanese military officers who may be responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. ... But governments, including the United States, are trying - so far to no avail - to get the warring sides to observe a ceasefire before any vote is held. war
In drafting a resolution seeking to condemn Iran for its role in Yemen's ongoing civil war, the United States—along with its UN Security Council allies Britain ... Council report on which it is based tells a much different story—one in which every actor in Yemen has been guilty of war crimes (emphasis mine):. war

Know this: come April, the United States and North Korea could very well find itself at war as tensions are set to spike once more, Fox News reports. ... Kim Jong-un correctly understands that his chances of some day ending up in The Hague for war crimes like Slobodan Milosevic or dead and buried like ... war
[Syria's] vicious president, Bashar al-Assad, and his enablers in Russia and Iran have exploited the battlefield successes against ISIS to unleash a new round of carnage on civilians, as the leaders of the United States and other world powers largely stand by, unwilling, or unable to do anything to stop it. war
This will be the first such war crimes court since the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union and France set up an international military tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945 to try Nazi leaders. The two situations are not directly comparable since in Yugoslavia, the UN is a peacemaker, not one of the belligerents. war
“For six years, the international community has stood by as the Syrian government has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes with total impunity. “The United Nations Security Council must enforce its own resolutions which call for an end to sieges of civilian areas and attacks on civilians, and ... war
Bensouda also said evidence existed of war crimes committed "by members of the United States armed forces on the territory of Afghanistan, and by members of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in secret detention facilities in Afghanistan," as well as in countries that had signed on to the Rome ... war
But in immigration court, Bremer cast doubt on the war crimes allegations. He portrayed Samayoa as a law-abiding resident of the United States, without even a traffic violation on his record. As for his time as a paramilitary leader, Bremer told the judge it was basically self defense during a horrible war. war
... regime to make their way to the United States. A small number of them were knowingly brought in by U.S. intelligence services. Most came through the system undetected amid an influx of nearly 400,000 war-displaced persons. At the time, officials set a preposterously high bar for complicity in war crimes. war
The HRVWCC was established in 2009 to further ICE's efforts to identify, locate and prosecute human rights abusers in the United States, including those who are known or suspected to have participated in persecution, war crimes, genocide, torture, extrajudicial killings, female genital mutilation and the ... war
The United States is not a signatory to the ICC. In 2002 Congress passed the American Service-Members Protection Act, which allowed the US authorities to "free" US personnel detained for trial in the ICC by "all means necessary". That makes successful prosecutions of American officials extremely difficult. war
Mutić was deported on a warrant issued by the Sisak County Court, the court told Hina, adding that he was accused of war crimes against civilians as well as murder for gain. After Mutić was sentenced to two years' imprisonment in Ohio in 2016, US media quoted Assistant US Attorney Matthew Cronin as ... war
Yemen is also one of the countries singled out by President Trump's Muslim Ban, preventing those who wish to leave the country from coming to the United States. “The international community must halt arms transfers that could be used in the conflict, cooperate to ensure accountability for war crimes and ... war
UNITED NATIONS — The United States on Tuesday accused Syria's government of a chlorine gas attack on civilians in the same rebel enclave hit more than four ... in Paris, the Americans also rebuked Russia for what they called its failure to stop such assaults, which under international law are war crimes. war
The charges against Milosevic at the Hague were for genocide and war crimes in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo, including the mass murder of Bosnia Muslims in Srebrenica. What Donald Trump is doing with immigration indeed does not reach that level. The charge Trump is America's Melosovic is ... war
However, the session featured once again a big power showdown between Russia and the United States. ... Lavrov never named the United States directly, though the point was made. ... The United States and allies felt Russia was simply distracting from potential war crimes carried out by Moscow's ally. war
The HRVWCC was established in 2009 to further ICE's efforts to identify, locate and prosecute human rights abusers in the United States, including those who are known or suspected to have participated in persecution, war crimes, genocide, torture, extrajudicial killings, female genital mutilation and the ... war
He is accused of killing three people, including a wounded prisoner of war, and participating in paramilitary organizations during the 1990s Balkans Conflict — a criminal past he concealed when he applied for refugee status in 1998 and that would have prevented him from coming to the United States, the ... war
The United States ambassador to Kosovo says the country still needs an outside mechanism like the special war crimes court as its system is not yet capable ... Delawie said "our intervention in 1999 was based on the idea that war crimes against anyone, anywhere, were an assault on international justice. war
PRISTINA (Reuters) - The U.S. ambassador to Kosovo warned the country's leaders on Wednesday they would bear harsh consequences if parliament votes to scrap a war crimes court linked to its violent independence struggle. A parliamentary committee, meanwhile, put off decision on whether to put ... war
LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — Efforts by Kosovo to suspend a war crimes court set up to prosecute atrocities committed by ethnic Albanians during their ... When lawmakers return on Monday after a winter recess and Parliament reconvenes, the United States, the European Union and other Western allies will be ... war
The European Union has warned Kosovo that bilateral relations will suffer if a war crimes court is scrapped. The statement on January 12 by the EU office in Kosovo comes after a similar message from the United States last month. The warnings come amid uncertainty whether Kosovo's parliament will put a ... war
The European Union warned Kosovo today (12 January) that its relations with the bloc will suffer if it scraps a war crimes court linked to its bloody independence struggle. The EU's message, echoing one by the United States last month, came amid uncertainty as to whether Kosovo's parliament will put a ... war
Asked whether he was concerned he might be among those charged with war crimes, Thaci said he was "not afraid of justice." ... "The United States is deeply concerned by recent attempts of Kosovo lawmakers to abrogate the law on the Specialist Chambers," State Department spokeswoman Heather ... war
Five western nations have warned Kosovo against repealing or amending a law on a war crimes court, saying it would suffer negative consequences "in international and Euro-Atlantic integration." A statement Thursday from the nations — the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy — said they ... war
The U.S. is urging Kosovo leaders to leave unchanged a war crimes court established to hear serious cases arising from the country's war for independence. “The United States is deeply concerned by recent attempts of Kosovo lawmakers to abrogate the law on the Specialist Chambers,” State Department ... war
SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Bosnia's war crimes court has convicted a former fighter of crimes committed against Bosnian Serb civilians during the country's 1992-95 war. It comes a year after she was extradited from the United States, where she had become a naturalized citizen. Azra Basic, a ... war
The United States and European Union say they oppose any action by Kosovo's leadership to press for an end to a war crimes court linked to its 1998-99 independence struggle, calling it a "terrible idea" that will lead to the country's isolation. U.S. Ambassador Greg Delawie on December 22 said such a ... war
Among those whose possible assets in the USA have been blocked and who are barred from entering the country are almost all the war criminals from the ... The list also includes Croats convicted for war crimes such as Dario Kordić, Mladen Naletilić, Vinko Martinović, Mario Čerkez and Ante Furundžija. war
Supporting its client state in his political goals, the United States helps the coalition to identify “targets” in Yemen. This is an important point. Since Washington is so deeply involved in the war, it too bears responsibility for war crimes. Investigating further, we will discover the extent to which the interests of ... war
As usual, they are hitting the wrong target and they are not succeeding against Kim Jong-un any more than they did against Saddam Hussein. Top Photo | Dr. Buthayna Shibel examines a girl at the Mahawil hospital in Babylon, Iraq, Dec. 23, 1998. Economic sanctions imposed by the United States left Iraqi ... war
According to a release by the Center for Justice and Accountability based in the United States, the groups also called upon President Weah "to make accountability a priority” for his administration and “ensure the protection of Liberian human rights defenders, particularly those working on accountability ... war
Though seen as a moderate in Serb politics in Kosovo, Mr. Ivanovic, whose party was not backed by the government in Belgrade, also faced war crimes charges, which he and his allies described as politically motivated. In a televised news conference, Serbia's president, Aleksandar Vucic, insisted that his ... war
Inhabited by brown people, Muslims mostly, none of the four receive much attention in the United States' 24-hour news cycle. Perhaps they ... war
Court in Kosovo could be example of how war crimes cases will be ... from European Union member countries, the United States and Canada. war


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