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 government-industry revolving door

The government-industry revolving door puts

industry-friendly experts

in positions of decision-making power. Often individuals rotate between working for industry and working for the government in regulatory capacities, arrangements that are fraught with potential for

conflicts of interest. logo
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updated Thu. May 23, 2024

"It is important to note that safety and risk reduction are built into the strict federal regulations that pipeline operators have to follow." Like a cigarette CEO saying his carcinogenic product complies with strict federal health regulations, Shields invoked regulatory rules which polluters have so eviscerated that ...

Lyons' husband, Troy Lyons, also exemplifies the revolving-door problem between lobbying and government. Having lobbied for gas company BP for four years, then Hess for two years, he joined the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations as an ...
Seeing a spike in your company's turnover will probably cause a spike in your blood pressure. No one wants their business to be a revolving door. One thing that helps: arming yourself with insights. Once you have the data to anticipate turnover, you can act to retain key employees and recruit new ones way ...
P.S. -- After I conceived the idea for this blog but before actually writing it, Dan Levenson left the government to go to industry. But in a real twist on the Washington "revolving door," he left not for a big Beltway contractor but rather for Agile Six, a tiny non-traditional contractor started by Robert Rasmussen, ...
The administration's hiring of large numbers industry lobbyists — and then granting them ethics waivers so they can work on issues related to their former clients — also violates Trump's pledge during the presidential campaign to “drain the swap” of the revolving door of government and industry officials.
We have also found examples of key ministers hiring individuals straight from the fossil fuel and mining industries, who then return to those industries straight after leaving government. This revolving door might be better dubbed a “service elevator”, ensuring that “delivery of the goods” happens away from ...
One of Trump's most loyal and longest-serving aides, Hicks often served as human buffer between the unpredictable president and the business of government. One official on Thursday compared the instability caused by her departure to that of a chief of staff leaving the administration — though that ...
According to the report, 10 lawyers at Trump's Environmental Protection Agency raise revolving-door concerns, having worked for coal-mining companies, Koch Industries, petroleum firms, and more. One lawyer, William Wehrum, sued the government 31 different times while at Hunton & Williams to revoke ...




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