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updated Thu. November 30, 2023

Saying a “trifling loss” is still a loss under state consumer protection laws, a federal appeals panel has reopened the book on a potential class action lawsuit against Barnes & Noble over a 2012 data breach that cost customers some time and money in protecting themselves from potential identity theft, and ...

However, a federal judge ruled against the banks, and the Seventh Circuit affirmed Wednesday. ... We doubt the wisdom of recognizing new, supplemental liabilities without a clear sense of why they are necessary,” U.S. Circuit Judge David Hamilton wrote for a unanimous three-judge panel. While the ...
What's next for Cohen is waiting to see what the feds do with the materials seized in the April 9 raids executed against him under a federal magistrate's approval. Federal Judge Kimba Wood could either allow a special FBI “taint team” to continue to go through that material to look for any attorney-client privilege items related ...
So wrote dissenting 7th Circuit Judge David Hamilton in U.S. v. Johnson, which he contends is about "parking while black." Johnson, who was sentenced to 46 months in prison, was convicted of illegal gun possession after a 2014 arrest in Milwaukee. His conviction came after he failed to persuade the trial ...
At Friday's hearing, U.S. Circuit Judge David Hamilton pointed out the practical effects of having parents learn from a minor's attorney that their daughter was on the way to an abortion clinic. “That sounds downright dangerous,” Hamilton said. Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher downplayed the danger ...
He will be joined by his appellate colleague Circuit Judge Diane Sykes and fellow Hoosier Southern Indiana District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt. Also on the committee is Northern Illinois District Judge Gary Feinerman; Southern Illinois District Judge Nancy Rosenstengel; Northern Illinois Bankruptcy Judge ...
He is one of two candidates who have filed to run for the open seat along with attorney David Hamilton Harris. Marc Lubet, the judge serving in the seat, is retiring at the end of his six-year term. Ashton was elected state attorney in 2012 after defeating his former boss and fellow Democrat, Lawson Lamar, ...
But a federal judge rejected his claim, and the en banc Seventh Circuit affirmed Friday. “The Fourth Amendment requires ... Judge David Hamilton dissented in a scathing opinion twice as long as that of the majority, joined by Judges Ilana Rovner and Ann Claire Williams. “No other appellate court has ...
(SC) is for Circuit Judge Stephen P. Carras. Sentences may vary based on previous offenses committed by the ... Riley David Hamilton, 68, Flint, DWLS on Oct. 14, two days in jail with credit for two days served, $125 fines and costs (MC). Erasmos James Rodriguez, 34, Ohio, DWLS on June 15, 2014, ...


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