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updated Fri. February 24, 2023

Australia's moves to contain covert Chinese interference have "woken up" the world, according to a senior official in the Pentagon. ... He is a former navy intelligence officer, served as a top Asia policy official in the State Department under Colin Powell, and worked as an attache in the US embassy in Beijing ...

A top Pentagon industrial base policy official confirmed today the Defense Department will be reviewing General Dynamics' proposed deal to acquire CSRA. The $9.6 billion deal, announced earlier this month, would create a government IT services behemoth. Jerry McGinn, principal deputy director of the ...
... on track to receive recommendations aimed at strengthening the health of the defense-industrial base, a top Pentagon industrial base policy official said Monday. ... Those groups include representatives from the Pentagon and other agencies like the departments of Commerce and Homeland Security.
The goal of DoD's recommendations is to deter war, not to fight one, he pointed out. “If nuclear weapons are employed in conflict, it is because deterrence failed,” he said. “And the goal of the 2018 NPR is to make sure that deterrence will not fail.” Modernization of the U.S. nuclear deterrent, adoption of ...
Some current and former Pentagon policy officials and military commanders in Africa expressed skepticism about curtailing the training and advising missions in which ... “I'm not sure retreating from programs is the answer,” said Brian McKeon, a former top Pentagon policy official who visited Niger in 2015.
12-13 in Rome, conducting bilateral meetings with senior officials, including Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti, Pentagon officials said in a ... to participate in the 54th Munich Security Conference, where he will discuss current crises and future challenges in European security policy, officials said.
The recently released National Security Strategy provides the necessary framing for the Pentagon and the National Defense Strategy, signed by Mattis, provides ... According to former defense policy official Jim Thomas, China and Russia challenge the U.S. military with advanced conventional capabilities, ...
“While DoD maintains expert counterterrorism forces -- the best in the world, bar none -- capable of conducting precision air strikes and complex raids to protect our interests, we are focused principally on helping our partners build their own capabilities and expand their capacity to fight these terrorist ...


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