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... systems either work, don't work or continually get degraded, which is why we came to where we are,” said Commissioner Edmund Giambastiani Jr., a retired Navy admiral. Clarification: Service members who retire after 20 years or more in the military receive a pension that is calculated on their base pay.

Norbert Ryan, the retired Navy three-star admiral who heads the Military Officers Association of America, said his organization will be open to ... The Navy's top personnel officer has been one of the most vocal about the need to examine personnel issues across the military but Vice Adm. Bill Moran, the ...
Retired Adm. Edmund Giambastiani Jr. (. Photo Credit: Rob Curtis/Staff. Edmund Giambastiani is a former four-star admiral known in defense circles for his brilliant strategic mind. He retired in in 2007 after serving as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, where he ran several advisory councils, including the ...
Of the 39 three-and four-star generals and admirals who retired in 2007, 34 went to work for the defense industry. .... Adm. Edmund Giambastiani, who retired as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, served as chairman of Alenia North America, the US subsidiary of an Italian defense company, and is now on the ...
“He's a hard worker and expects the same of his staff,” said Adm. Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr., a superior who oversaw some of his work analyzing fleet ... When Admiral Clark was succeeded as chief of naval operations by Adm. Mike Mullen — now chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff — Mr. Sestak's naval ...
If confirmed, the admiral will be the first Navy man to be chairman since Adm. William J. Crowe, who served from 1985 to 1989. ... James E. Cartwright of the Marines, the commander of the Strategic Command, as the next vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, to succeed Adm. Edmund G. Giambastiani Jr., ...
The current vice chairman, Adm. Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr., announced his retirement last week. With the decision to name a Navy officer as chairman, it would not have been possible for Admiral Giambastiani to continue in the No. 2 job, although Mr. Gates said he unsuccessfully had urged the admiral to ...


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