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The Iceland Defense Force (IDF) was a military command of the United States armed forces from 1951 to 2006. The IDF, created at the request of NATO, came into existence when the United States signed an agreement to provide for the defense of Iceland, which did not, and does not, have its own unified defense force.

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As noted during his Thomas Jefferson Hall of Fame induction in 2003, he served as commander of the NATO Iceland Defense Force, where he was responsible for more than 5,000 personnel and $3 billion worth of early warning radar aircraft, fighter aircraft, tanker aircraft and antisubmarine aircraft and ...

... Italy protects the Vatican City. c5. Iceland. Iceland had an army in 1869 but after that, the country had defense agreements with the U.S. to maintain an Iceland Defense Force that existed from 1951-2006. In 2006, America announced that it will provide Iceland its security without any stationed forces in the ...
In the course of his 35-year career he commanded squadrons, air groups and ships; he was commander of the Iceland Defense Force and on the staff of the chief of naval operations and the secretary of defense for internal security affairs. Ralph confounds all movie stereotypes of brutish military men.
One of the highest-ranking members of the U. S. Navy, Rear Admiral Harold L. Robinson, will address the 38th annual meeting of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society Sunday October 25th at the Broadmoor Country Club in Indianapolis. Rear Admiral Rabbi Harold L. Robinson who is also Chaplain Corps ...


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