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updated Thu. December 14, 2023

Timeline:December 2007 - WikiLeaks posts the US Army manual for soldiers dealing with prisoners at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. ... a new picture of how many Iraqi civilians have been killed, the role that Iran has played in supporting Iraqi militants and many accounts of abuse by Iraq's army and police.

HAVANA TIMES — Those who follow my articles (which I hope are quite a few) should know that I live in a suburb of Guantanamo city, the fifth most ... That's why the small lad has had more than one problem because other more feisty and daring boys have tried to abuse him on more than one occasion.
A British government guidance paper that is intended to prevent the country's intelligence officers from becoming involved in human rights abuses is being rewritten in secret, much to the alarm of civil liberties groups. Rights activists are deeply worried that the UK government may be tempted to water down ...
Several members of the opposition Citizens for Innovation (CI) party among 38 who were held at the main police station in the capital Malabo — which they dubbed “Guantanamo” — told AFP of alleged abuse during their detention from December 28 to January 3. “We were tortured for a week,” said party ...
An independent UN human rights investigator said on Wednesday that he had information about an inmate being tortured at the US Guantanamo Bay detention facility, despite Washington banning "enhanced interrogation techniques" almost 10 years ago. The US Department of Defense denied the ...
Abdelrazik claims he was tortured by Sudanese intelligence officials during two periods of detention, but Canada says it knew nothing of the alleged abuse. ... The government also apologized to Khadr, a former inmate at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and settled his lawsuit with a payout of ...
“By pardoning Libby,” Wilson tells The Progressive, “what [Trump] is basically doing is issuing a blanket pardon to the entire neoconservative movement that was the architect of the 2003 war, and the architects of the torture policies and Guantanamo and every other human rights abuse and war crime that ...


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