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updated Mon. March 11, 2024

Through a CIA operative named Oscar Danilo Blandon, San Jose's Mercury News investigative journalist Gary Webb discovered that Ross was selling cocaine for the CIA in order to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. On-screen, Michael K. Williams played a fearsome Ross, while Jeremy Renner went ...
On Monday afternoon, thousands of peaceful protesters — many waving Nicaraguan flags and some hoisting photos of people killed in the earlier protests ... He was elected president of Nicaragua in 1984 but lost a reelection bid in 1990, following years of the U.S.-backed Contra war against the Sandinista ...

But top Nicaraguan business lobby COSEP has backed peaceful protests against the government, and said it would not enter talks with Ortega to review the social security plan until he had ended police repression and restored freedom of expression. A former Marxist guerrilla and Cold War antagonist of ...
Recent examples of this latter approach by the US include the contra forces in Nicaragua, the mujahedin in Afghanistan (including Bin Laden and his forces), and various tribal, religious and ethnic militias in Iraq and Syria. Some intelligence sources have also stated that ISIS is such an operation, although ...
The sale of the arms was in exchange, among others, for supporting and funding the Contras in Nicaragua as well as freeing hostages that were held in Lebanon. Reagan later had to go ... He saw it happening in the instances of the UK going to war in Afghanistan, Iraq and then Libya. In all three of those ...

This involved illegally raising money in violation of the Boland amendments — which prohibited funding for Contra rebels fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua — through direct foreign gifts ($32 million from Saudi Arabia and $2 million from Taiwan) and more than $3.6 million from the Iranian ...
The missions happened as Sandinista forces in neighboring Nicaragua battled Contra rebels who were backed by Washington and had clandestine bases in Honduras. ___. Associated Press writers Doug Glass in Minneapolis, Nomaan Merchant in Dallas and Jonathan Cooper in Sacramento, California, ...

... during which the US illegally sold weapons to Iran and diverted the proceeds to right-wing Contra forces bent on terrorising Nicaragua. As scholar Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz writes in Blood on the Border: A Memoir of the Contra War, the war in question “cost 50,000 Nicaraguan deaths out of a population of ...
During the U.S. government's decade-long support of the Contra rebels who waged an armed campaign against Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista regime in ... aid program's most fascinating product might be the batshit crazy psychological warfare manual cooked up for the Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries.
The CIA was ramping up its covert war in Nicaragua. ... The story was about a blue, cloth-covered manual produced by the CIA and distributed to contra commanders in Honduras. ... One of Raymond's urgent tasks, Bob reported, was to “paint white hats on the contras and black hats on the Sandinistas.
This is the second of a four-part article looking at the approach to Russia and China in the national security strategy of the United States under the administration of President Donald Trump. The article is a follow-up to the five-part article by the same author on 'US Foreign Policy and Trump's Contradictions' ...


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