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updated Wed. September 20, 2023

... los expresidentes liberales, Carlos Flores; Manuel Zelaya Rosales y los exmandatarios nacionalistas, Porfirio Lobo Sosa; Ricardo Maduro.

... y 2005, los tres del Partido Liberal, y Ricardo Maduro (2001) y Porfirio Lobo (2009), del gobernante Partido Nacional, ambos conservadores.
... en el gobierno de Ricardo Maduro (2002-2005), la Agenda del Cambio con Porfirio Lobo Sosa (2010-2013), y el Cambio Profundo de Juan ...
... his adminsitration between 2006 and 2009 — amassing a national debt that his predecessor Ricardo Maduro Joest managed to eliminate.
Also contributing to the Bulldogs' efforts are team members Ricardo Maduro-Vollmer, Carter Levine, Mac Pulitzer, Lev Hallowell, Carson Reid, Connor Hutto, Harrison Fisher, Grayson Costa and JR LaBow.
... was created in 1998, the country has increasingly relied on militarized policing to confront violent crime. Joint police-military patrols began under President Ricardo Maduro in 2002 as a part of his "mano dura," or iron fist, approach to fighting ...
When former President Ricardo Maduro took office in 2002, the "Blue Freedom Plan" was launched, a zero-tolerance strategy against the gangs that was the first of its kind.
But this changed when former President Ricardo Maduro (2002-2005) promoted a controversial anti-mara law. Gang members set aside their traditional clothing and tattoos, and professionalized their organization's structure.
An American ex-pat and free-market political evangelist, Mark Klugmann, Honduran lawyer and former government official Octavio Sanchez, Executive Secretary of the Cabinet Ebal Diaz, and former President Ricardo Maduro were instrumental in the design ...


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