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updated Thu. April 12, 2018

In the report titled, 'Stealing the future: How federal universities in Nigeria have been stripped apart by corruption', SERAP claimed that many allegations of corruption in federal universities - such as unfair allocation of grades; contract inflation; truncation of staff's salary on the payroll; employment ...
If the values of integrity, hard work and prudence by which Nigerian were known are restored among the elite, looting would be highly reduced. ... If we can fight corruption in Nigeria at the same rate in which we fought Ebola virus back then - despite party difference - our development will have no limit.

The Managing partner Of Prince Joel and Associates, an indigenous law firm, Prince William-Joel has said there is need to tackle corruption in the immigration parastatal and travelling agencies in Nigeria in order to eliminate all forms of mishaps relating to immigration. According to him, most Nigerians ...
I constantly want to know why people are corrupt (the psychology of corruption), and why Nigeria's corruption problem persists and is reproduced through time ... For me though, the story illustrates the ways in which many Nigerians are, through their actions and inactions, complicit in crime and corruption. Religion
Corruption is Nigerian and Nigeria is corruption. We are a country blessed with corruption and any attempt at eradicating it would mean wiping out our total culture. We can continue fooling ourselves, voting in clay footed demagogues on the plank of fighting corruption only to see these saintly evil men ...
It is tragic in the sense of the sheer mismanagement of the people's expectations and hopes for a new Nigeria where corruption will suffer essential ... In the overall outlook of the architecture of the anti-corruption war, the Nigerian people have, sadly, been manipulated as though they are imbecilic.
A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Robert Clarke, on Tuesday said the Federal Government's action of releasing the list of alleged looters will not put an end to looting in Nigeria. Clarke ... Clark claimed that Nigerians had not experience good governance since the country became independent.
The play performed by Arojah Royal Theatre was a searing political portrayal of corruption in the Nigerian society. It illustrated how corruption has permeated and percolated all strata of the society. Indeed, if the truth must be told, most Nigerians are complicit in this corruption chain. As the play ... wheel
The founder of Akin Fadeyi Foundation and convener of “Corruption, Not In My Country Project,” Mr. Akin Fadeyi, has tasked Nigerians with owning the anti-corruption campaign of the Federal Government so as to reduce corruption to a significant level in the society. He said this in Lagos on Friday at the ... wheel
“So, this government is even more corrupt than any government in Nigeria. We have ministers who are corrupt in this government, including top government officials. They are swimming in corruption, yet they are harassing innocent people. “Nigerians should congratulate Melaye for speaking out; they ... wheel
These offences are trivial compared to the much larger sums and far graver offences that Nigerian public office holders have been accused of. Nigerians frequently wake to new allegations of corruption that involve vast sums of money. Other nations that have improved their GDP per capita and the welfare ... wheel
Not to mention the US$800,000 in cash, reported to have been seized in raids in 2016 targeting senior Nigerian judges suspected of corruption. ... Many Nigerians resorted to humour in response to the reports – there is clearly a mix of resignation and frustration at this new twist on a common news story. wheel
Nigeria's intriguing corruption ... Yet, the news spread like wildfire, intriguing the eventual victims of this very real theft – the Nigerian people. ... It appears that the weight of corruption has worn down the minds of Nigerians into a dispassionate state where we are majorly interested in the intrigues of ... wheel
The companies deny wrongdoing, saying they acquired the rights in accordance with Nigerian law. Anti-corruption watchdog Global Witness says it could be one of the biggest corporate corruption trials in history. The companies are also facing charges in Nigeria over the case, which concerns Nigeria's ... wheel
The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has called on Nigerians to eschew nepotism and encourage the culture of merit. Obi spoke at the weekend during the public presentation of "One Faith, Many Tongues: Managing Diversity in the Church in Nigeria", written by Archbishop Fortunatus ... wheel

The Muhammadu Buhari administration made the anti-corruption drive one of its cornerstone policies. The promise of the administration to fight corruption was overwhelmingly welcomed by Nigerians at inception. No one wanted to live in a country where thieves stole resources meant for basic amenities. wheel
Mr. Buhari also hired a national health insurance executive who was being investigated by Nigeria's anti-graft agency on suspicion of approving shady contracts and engaging in nepotism. When Transparency International recently announced that Nigerians think that corruption has worsened during Mr. wheel
The quality of Nigeria's governance will determine how well it navigates risks and leverage opportunities. Key to this is a radically new tack on corruption and a reset in leadership. Nigerians continue to endure hardship following a deep recession caused by fall in oil prices and government's subsequent ... wheel
Global anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has again ranked Nigeria low in its 2017 Corruption Perception Perception Index (CPI) released on Wednesday. The latest ranking has Nigeria in the 148th position out of 180. The country, according to the CPI, scored 28 out 100, a figure ... wheel
President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday in Accra, the capital of Ghana, said with the right leadership and implementation of public policies, Africa's drive to eradicate poverty and entrench democracy is on course. Speaking at Ghana's 61st Independence anniversary celebration at the Independence Square ... wheel
Countries were graded according to their seeming progress in the fight against corruption – from where gainers and losers emerged. This time, Nigeria was one of the countries that lost just a point, falling from 28 to 27 in the score, just like front-runners in the Index – New Zealand and Denmark – while other countries like Switzerland and Sweden lost four points each. Two African countries Nigerian and Ghana among others had a surprisingly poor outing. Nigeria's ... wheel
A recent Transparency International (TI) report which showed that Nigeria did not make any progress in its corruption perception in 2017 appears to have been ... But Mr. Buhari and his officials denied being opaque in their conduct, often asking Nigerians to remember how bad things were in the past. wheel
Abubakar said this in Lagos during the public presentation of the book, 'In the belly of vultures' written by Adetola Adeniyi. The former vice president said that the current structure in the country facilitates corruption and makes it more difficult for the kind of leadership being clamored for to emerge. wheel
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has said the poor rating of Nigeria on the recently released perception index of Transparency International (TI) on corruption is not a setback, but a call to consolidate on the progress already being made in the fight against graft across all sectors in the country. The vice ... wheel
Despite the many promises of the government, it has been utterly powerless in sanitizing the police force of corruption, or bringing corrupt officers to justice. The frustrations of Nigerians recently manifested in a series of actions under the banner #endsars aimed at forcing reforms of the Nigerian Police. wheel


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