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updated Sat. April 28, 2018

"We've been observing this behavior in all relationships between the US and countries of the global south." "Trump is well versed in the language of intimidation and threats, but we Moroccans should no be concerned by the logic of the jungle," Mounib said, insisting that every country is entitled to make ... tweet
Rabat - Moroccan critics are tearing apart the Moroccan national team's Adidas World Cup kits, following their release on Friday. The kits are white, with accents red and green, representing the Moroccan flag and the symbol of the Royal Football Federation (FRMF). The much-awaited jerseys ...

Washington D.C. - Despite all the photos, videos and Facebook posts, the Moroccan community in the United State remains divided, unengaged and underused by both the Moroccan Embassy and the Moroccan governmental agencies in charge of Moroccans residing overseas. In fact, recent ... Americans
Rabat - Moroccans are the first foreign community in Spain, with a total of 769,050 people according to statistics by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The statement, published on Tuesday by INE, shows an increase of 19,380 Moroccans living in Spain in 2017 alone. Romanians trail ...
"We hope that Moroccan news sources report on the boycott and let the world know about the differences in prices that Moroccans suffer from due to ... His move was described by the Washington Post as "an attempt to demonstrate his own sympathy for the everyday struggles of the Moroccan people in ... Consumers Protest
Some analysts believe the Moroccans could profit from some bad blood which still exists between the Americans and a number of football leaders in the world over the way the United States Department of Justice spearheaded the crackdown on the corruption which had blighted FIFA and brought down ...

By Palestine Chronicle Staff. A privately owned Moroccan body-guarding company has been accused of propagating Zionism and jeopardizing national security, revealed monitor groups in Rabat. National Action Group for Palestine and Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization said in a joint press conference ...
Moroccans were the largest group acquiring the citizenship of an EU member state in 2016, said the EU statistics office, Eurostat. In total, 101,300 Moroccans received the citizenship of a EU country, of whom 89% acquired citizenship of Spain, Italy (34,8%) or France (17,5%). Albanians were ranked ...
Rabat - Morocco's new Minister of Health, Anas Doukkali, has announced his determination to extend "universal health coverage" to the majority of the population, especially those from low-income backgrounds with low prospects of health insurance. Doukali made the announcement yesterday, during ...
Rabat - Prominent Algerian singer Cheb Khaled has once again shared his lifelong passion for Morocco and the hospitality and openness of its people during an interview that aired Algerian television. When asked about the friendship between Morocco and Algeria, "especially after Algeria's vow ... Rai
Rabat – Nearly 1700 Saudi nationals were victims of alleged sextortion and cybercrime activities committed by Moroccan citizens in 2017, according to the Saudi newspaper Makkah. The newspaper said that Saudi nationals, including women, were victims of blackmail by Moroccan criminal bands ... Rai
Moroccans residing in Italy are the community of immigrants outside the EU which creates the most private companies in this European country, according to a report by the Italian Federation of Chambers of Commerce. In its 2017 report, the Federation said that 68,259 enterprises were created by ... Rai
The challenge of caring for the elderly will become more acute particularly in a context marked by a growing nuclearization of households, especially in urban areas, and the growth of residential mobility among young and middle-age Moroccans. Additionally, the current challenges facing public health ... Rai
... Karika's musical dedication to King Mohammed VI did not go as smoothly as he might have expected, as it received bitter criticism from Moroccans on ... “No one asked me to take down the video song…my immense love for Moroccan people has prompted me to apologize,” he told Dream, an Egyptian ... Rai
Rabat – A Polish court placed a Polish citizen in custody on Wednesday for attempting to murder and injure three Moroccans. Gniezno City Court in Western Poland has ordered that the 33-year-old Polish offender be held in custody for three months on charges of “threatening homicide of three Moroccan ... Rai
Rabat – While Madrid has agreed to respond to the Amazigh World Assembly's (AMA) request concerning the use of chemical weapons by King's Alfonso XIII military during the Rif War from 1921-1926, the language used by the foreign minister demonstrates that Spain continues to refuse to apologize to ... Rai
Rabat – Red sweeps the stores, flower shops adorn their bouquets, and bold writings on windows' shops declare “LOVE IS ON SALE” All the signs indicate that love, supposedly, is in the air. Whether you believe in the celebration of this sentiment or not, you can't help but notice its manifestations across the ... Rai

On Valentine's Day, Yabiladi went out in the streets of Casablanca to discover what Moroccans think of such celebration. While women were more reluctant to speak out about this topic, out of modesty or shyness, men openly responded to our questions. Some believe that love should be in the heart of our ... Rai
Rabat – Forty-six percent of Moroccans are believed to suffer from sexual dysfunction, according to Moroccan professor and sexologist Ahmed El Mansouri. The professor made his remarks during a symposium held in Marrakech under the theme of “Spousal Rights: Sexual Dysfunctions in Marriage and its ... Rai
Some 1,600 Moroccans are thought to have joined extremist groups, mainly ISIS, since 2012, with some 300 still fighting with ISIS, according to Moroccan .... or Commander of the Faithful, which gives him both religious and political authority over the Moroccan people, 98 percent of whom are Sunni Muslim. Rai
In recent years, thousands of migrants, including Moroccans, have traveled to Libya in order to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. Many, though, remain trapped in dire conditions in detention centers across Libya. International outrage followed reports last year that some migrants had been sold in slave ... Rai
Moroccans risking their lives scraping coal from abandoned mines have listened to local officials, the mining ministry and a close royal ally since they began protesting five weeks ago. Now some of them want the king himself to intervene. “When they closed the mines they offered us new jobs and ... Rai
February 2, 2018 Rabat and Marrakech, Morocco—Moroccans risking their lives scraping coal from abandoned mines have listened to local officials, the mining ministry, and a close royal ally since they began protesting five weeks ago. Now some of them want the king himself to intervene. "When they ... Rai
Rabat – After Morocco's 2026 World Cup bid committee revealed its official logo at a press conference on Tuesday, the much-awaited logo has sparked mockery and criticism on social media, as many Moroccan Twitter and Facebook users took to their accounts to express their disappointment. Rai
In Morocco, the richest 10 percent of Moroccans have a standard of living 12 times higher than the poorest 10 percent, a gap that has not decreased since the 1990s. At the present, three wealthy Moroccan billionaires alone hold S4.5 billion. Per year, their wealth is equivalent of the income of 375,000 ... Rai
Rabat – Rising insecurities about the economic outlook for 2018 have eroded the confidence of Moroccan households, according to the High Commission for Planning (HCP) in a report published January 18. The annual index survey on household confidence shows that 24 percent of households are ... Rai
The question of inheritance in Morocco is a socio-economic problem that could be approached “from the point of view of utility and interest,” he said, as quoted by Telquel. For him, the question on gender equality in inheritance could be solved by requiring all Moroccans to write their own individual will. Rai
Rabat – It's all what everyone is talking about this week. Since the Moroccan Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance announced the launch of the dirham liberalization reform last Friday, a sense of confusion and apprehension is reigning on the public opinion, despite the continuous reassurance of the ... Rai
Rabat – Will you be willing to fight for your country in case it goes to war? Moroccans are. According to a survey run by Gallup International, a global market researcher, 94 percent of Moroccans are willing to fight for their country. Based on a survey run across 64 countries, Morocco ranks as the first ... Rai
Rabat – The Moroccan embassy in South Africa is organizing a mobile consulate on Saturday and Sunday for the benefit of Moroccan citizens living in Cape Town, South Africa's largest city. According to Maghreb Arab Press, nearly 500 Moroccan nationals live in Cape Town, a popular tourist hub in ... Rai
Wydad Casablanca's coach, L'Hussein Amoutta, will compete for the award of Coach of the Year, while Karim El Ahmadi (Feyenoord) has been named in the shortlist of African Player of the Year. The shortlist of Player of the Year (based in Africa) includes Achraf Bencharki and Mohamed Ounnajem, who ... Rai
Rabat – Abdelkarim Benatiq, the Minister Delegate in charge of Moroccans Living Abroad (MRE) and ImmigrationaAffairs, received on Tuesday, November 28 the families of Moroccan migrants detained in Libya who protested outside the ministry headquarters. After they protested on Monday morning in ... Rai
Rabat – Twenty-two immigrants, including nine Moroccans, were rescued off Zarzis, southeastern Tunisia, Tunisian authorities revealed on ... Rai
King Mohammed VI had issued a royal decree asking Moroccans to "to implore the Almighty to spread his benevolent rains on the earth". Rai
Rabat – Violent clashes between Sub-Saharan migrants and a group of Moroccans broke out on Friday night near Ouled Ziane bus station in ... Rai
Rabat – Morocco counted more than 1,000 new HIV infections in 2016, bringing up the number of Moroccans living with HIV to 22,000 people, ... Rai
Madrid — Some 225,444 Moroccans were affiliated to social security in Spain by the end of October compared to 216,417 by the end of ... Rai
RABAT, Morocco — Chababe is a lively site on Facebook, YouTube and the web where young Moroccans can talk about what troubles them ... Rai
The footage shows the poor conditions of Zuwarah prison, where a number of Moroccans have been detained for over than six months. Rai
Feelings of both grief and anger took over Moroccans who shared their views on social media after 15 women died in a stampede while ... Rai
Rabat – King Mohammed VI is taking time off his official meetings in Doha to take pictures with the Moroccan residents of the Gulf city. Rai
For most players, it was the kind of nightmare scenario probably best forgotten. But nearly 20 years since Morocco's World Cup hopes were so ... Rai
Rabat – Good news for Moroccan football fans: the Ivorian Football Federation (IFF) has decided to grant entry tickets to all Moroccans wishing ... Rai
For Moroccans, the Egyptian drama is highly exaggerated, as the referees did not make mistakes that would have favored Wydad, adding that ... Rai
Over the past year, a vast number of Moroccans have come together in the Hirak, a peaceful movement calling for social justice and economic ... Rai
While a draw guarantees qualification for the Moroccans to the international tournament, the home team will have to win to book a ticket to the ... Rai
This week also saw the start of the trial of Hirak Rif's charismatic leader, Nasser Zefzafi, which is being closely followed by Moroccans. Rai
The trial revolves around statements Wilders made about wanting fewer Moroccans in The Hague while campaigning in 2014. In December ... Rai
Rabat – Following King Mohammed VI's call for the government to reconsider Morocco's development model, Head of Government Saad ... Rai
Rabat – Less than a month before the Atlas Lions' decisive game against Ivory Coast in Abidjan, Moroccan sports officials are seeking to attract ... Rai


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