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updated Wed. May 1, 2024

“If you want to be rich, build a road first” (要想富,先修路). There is rarely a conversation about Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – his plan for greater connectivity for China across both land and sea – in which this six-character proverb does not crop up. But in the shape of the Maritime Silk Road part ...

It has invested billions in the energy, agriculture, mineral, communications, and transportation sectors, and expanded bilateral trade to more than 100 billion dollars every year. Hany Besada notes that unlike US and European investors focused on the short term, state-owned enterprises make the majority of ...
Pandjaitan revealed that state-owned railway company PT INKA will have some projects in Africa, as well as other state-owned enterprises such as PT WIKA ... Coast, Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Benin, and Djibouti, while the biggest partners in North Africa are Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco.
Such large scale development projects represent an effort by China and its state-owned enterprises to make economic strides and gain influence in the ... Leading with the Belt and Road Initiative, Xi has expanded Chinese prestige and clout throughout the developing world from Manila to Morocco.
Windhoek — The drive to explore the world pushed 28-year-old Wu Shan, a Chinese national, to embark on a marathon 50,000km adventure road trip from Beijing to Namibia all by herself in an all-terrain SUV that will make the manufacturers of the Changan - the made-in-China SUV - proud with joy.
As the United Nations peacekeeping mission warps up in Liberia and the West African country looks to secure a stable future, the UN deputy chief on Friday cautioned the Government that while it has made great strides, the road ahead will be challenging. At the launch of the country's new National ...
IMF Executive Board Completes the Third and Final Review under the Precautionary and Liquidity Line Arrangement for Morocco ... local level as part of fiscal decentralization, comprehensive civil service reform, strengthened state-owned enterprise (SOE) oversight, and better targeting of social spending.
Victories for Oman team at beach games in Morocco. Victories for Oman team at beach games in Morocco. Royal Cavalry win endurance race in Germany. Royal Cavalry win endurance race in Germany. Wenger will get many job offers after leaving Arsenal: Dein. Wenger will get many job offers after ...


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