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updated Wed. July 20, 2022

... the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Berlinale Forum Expanded and the Sfeir-Semler Gallery. She has also worked alongside filmmaker Philip Rizk since 2010, producing various projects together. 'We Are Not Worried In The Least' accompanies the 13th Fourm Expanded at the 68th Berlinale.

Mosireen sought other forms of expression: "Out on the street", a film by Philip Rizk and Jasmina Metwaly, highlights injustice, police arbitrariness and corruption – all factors that led to the rebellion in 2011. The novel "The City always wins" by Omar Robert Hamilton, who is also part of Mosireen, describes ...
e-flux, Frontier Imaginaries, and Columbia University are pleased to announce the full program for this week's TOXIC ASSETS, an exhibition and public seminar featuring dance, poetry, art installations, screenings, and talks. The project marks the arrival of art and research initiative Frontier Imaginaries to ...
Egyptian couple Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk approach the issue from the opposite end — the effects of movement of capital under neoliberalism on those left behind. Titled 'Out On the Street: Variations', the film-and-sculpture installation documents a workshop held in Cairo where former factory ...
Perhaps this happens everywhere, but there's a ton of examples in Egypt alone; notably, Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk's Out in the Street (2015), which contrived the retelling of factory workers' struggles by asking them to collaboratively workshop their own stories. Here, whether stories are strictly true or ...
... become for many the only resort to try and achieve one's right to decent living. If we permit state crimes to continue flourishing, the population will continue to sow the seeds of its rulers' crimes. Philip Rizk is an independent film-maker based in Cairo, Egypt. He is a member of the mosireen video collective.
CAIRO — For more than four straight days, Philip Rizk said, he was blindfolded, handcuffed and interrogated around the clock by Egyptian state security agents who abducted him on Friday after he took part in a march in support of Gaza. Early Wednesday morning, with neither warning nor explanation, ...


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