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updated Mon. September 23, 2019

Dilaporkan bahwa al-Sisi telah membahas permasalahan ini dengan Perdana Menteri Ibrahim Mehlib dan Menteri Pertahanan Sedqi Subhi.

Not all residents agree with the Egyptian court ruling that sentenced former ... Critics accuse him of returning Egypt to a Mubarak-style autocracy. ... Its chairman at the time was Ibrahim Mehlib, who is now prime minister of the ...
The Egyptian Prime Minister asked Al Marri to pass on his greetings to ... Al Marri thanked the Ibrahim Mehlib for his keenness to strengthen ties ...
The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, one might assume, would be ... American and multinational companies doing business in Egypt, and Egyptian ... Ibrahim Mehlib, the new prime minister who was appointed in ...
(Egypt's military has a lengthy track record of forcibly evicting residents ... The Egyptian revolt is not usually discussed as an urban struggle, one ...
CAIRO, Egypt -- Egyptian courts have sentenced 220 mostly supporters of ... Egypt's interim president has chosen as prime minister a construction ... Adly Mansour on Tuesday named Ibrahim Mehlib, who had for more than a ...
Ibrahim Mehlib, Egypt's Outgoing Housing Minister, Named Prime ... “I think he will be a very practical prime minister, but of course it is a very ...


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