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updated Sat. September 23, 2023

Other projects also place woman center stage, such as “The Last Queen,” the debut feature of French-Algerian Damien Ounouri, whose short “Kindil” played in Directors' Fortnight. It is inspired by the legend of the corsair Barbarossa who attacked King Salim at-Toumi's Algiers in 1516, swearing to seize his ...

She lives on the coastal border between the two nations, and can even see the Algerian flag on the other side of the bay as it dances blithely in the sea breeze. She even ... Unfortunately, the border is heavily policed and the papers she requires to cross legally disappeared along with her father. However ...
Algerian daily El Khabar reported that the military received intelligence on movement of 400 ISIS fighters in Libya near where the Algeria, Niger and Mali borders meet. Algeria fears that ISIS militants could stage an attack like the one that targeted Ben Guerdane, a Tunisian town near the Libyan border, ...
According to the Mirror's David McDonnell, Guardiola was weighing up a renewed bid for the Algeria international in the summer, but he will now look ... His concerns about rocking the boat have now seemingly disappeared, and he is set to prolong his absence by missing Leicester's Premier League clash ...
THE Islamic State has “not disappeared” and could join forces with al-Qaeda, the head of Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), Morocco's top counter-terror agency, has warned. ... Remember that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb controls swathes of territory in southern Algeria and northern Mali.
Responding to a question on increased terrorist threats, Khayyam said that ISIS has not disappeared. ... trans-border cooperation between security services, Khayyam deplored the lack of cooperation with Algeria while sounding the alarm bell as to the surge in Algeria's south of terrorist groups such as the ...
However, the narrative of its success in maintaining stability strongly conflicts with the stories of those who were murdered or forcibly disappeared during the military's ruthless counter-insurgency campaign, a troubled history that Algeria's turn to political amnesty to settle the dispute has left unresolved.
A total of 28,587 arrived in Spain when taking into account those arriving via land as well, while at least 250 died or disappeared during the crossing. ... Morocco is the main country of origin for undocumented migrants arriving in the country, followed by Algeria, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Gambia and Syria.
Mansour used to buy Swiss chocolate for his daughter but in the past few days it disappeared from the shelves after Algeria's government banned imports of ... of their businesses, they worry that they may have to shut down,” said president of the Association of Algerian Producers of Beverages, Ali Hamani.


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