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updated Tue. December 20, 2022

In a bid to gain the upper hand in a bitter conflict with Mogadishu's warlords, who insist the administration base itself is the capital, Yusuf intends to travel by road in the coming days from his current base of Bossaso in Puntland to join prime minister Ali Mohammed Gedi in Jowhar, they said. "The president ...

President Yusuf and his prime minister, Ali Mohammed Gedi, never really got on. The final straw was a row over a donation of $32m Saudi Arabia made to the government for a national reconciliation conference. Gedi kept most of the money for himself. Frustrated by the impasse, the Americans took control.
In October, the T.F.G.'s inability to rise above tribal rivalries was laid bare when internal feuds culminated in President Yusuf Abdullah's firing of his Prime Minister, Ali Mohammed Gedi. This month, fighting between Ethiopian troops and Somali insurgents again erupted in Mogadishu, prompting tens more ...
Aidid, Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi and President Yusuf Abdullai recognize that the new government cannot succeed without disarmament, and an effort to be as inclusive as possible. "We will reconcile with the Islamists, "says Aidid. "All their remnants can join our forces." Both are daunting tasks.
In Mogadishu, the transitional prime minister, Ali Mohammed Gedi, seems to relish his newfound authority. Mr. Gedi, a bookish veterinarian whom few Somalis would have recognized before last week's stunning comeback by the transitional government, is holding daily news conferences, meeting with clan ...
Even before the government troops had planted themselves in downtown Mogadishu, the political negotiations began. Mr. Hulow and other elders said they had asked transitional leaders for positions in the new government in exchange for support. Ali Mohammed Gedi, the prime minister, told the elders ...
However, our correspondent says that, for the moment, the gunmen are likely to remain loyal to the warlords, rather than President Abdullahi Yusuf, who has little support in Mogadishu. Last week, a blast killed at least 14 people in Mogadishu, as Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi made a speech during ...
Somalia's new prime minister, 52-year-old Ali Mohamed Ghedi, is no career politician, but as an intellectual it is hoped he will command the respect of the country's many warlords. Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi. Prime Minister Ghedi has political clout in Mogadishu. He faces a tough road ...


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