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updated Sun. June 9, 2024

A Kenyan professor in the United States is facing deportation months after President Donald Trump announced his vision for 'merit-based' immigration reforms. Mzenga ... Wanyama left Kenya when the country was experiencing ethnic violence in which thousands died and hundreds displaced. He was ...

The prosecution told the court that the song was aimed at stirring ethnic hatred between the Kamba and Kikuyu communities. “On unknown date at an unknown place within the republic of Kenya, jointly with other not before the court, while singing a song titled Ikamba uttered words which were intended to ...
A young girl, a member of Samburu pastoral community, takes care of some goats in a remote area near Wamba, Samburu County, Kenya in September 2017. (Photo: Luis Tato/AFP/Getty Images). A village down the road from Tede's is no better off, despite the presence of a water pump. Another shepherd ...
By SIMON NDONGA, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 12 – One of the artists behind the infamous song mocking the Kamba community has been released on a cash bail of Sh700, 000 after being arraigned in court on Monday on an ethnic contempt charge. Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi further directed that ...
After meeting Friday in Nairobi with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, Tillerson hailed the political reconciliation between Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga as “a positive step toward healing Kenya's ethnic and political divisions,” the State Department said in a statement. Kenyatta and Odinga ...
He added: “We have come to a common understanding, an understanding that this country of Kenya is greater than any one individual, and that for this country to come together leaders must come together.” The two announced a plan for a programme to overcome a deep and longstanding ethnic and ...
Kenya's Public Service Commission (PSC) has drawn up an ethnic quota system for recruitment to the civil service, in a bid to promote diversity and inclusion. The quota system, which has been devised as a guide for recruitment, sets limits on the number of civil service jobs that can be held by the country's ...
A member of the Yaaku tribe of Kenya's Rift Valley, the 78-year-old is one of seven people who can still speak the group's native language, Yakunte. All the remaining Yakunte speakers are over the age of 70. "It's disturbing to see that young people who are supposed to take over from us have decided to ...
Jomo Kenyatta, the father of the current president, was a Kenyan freedom fighter, the living embodiment of African nationalism, and, therefore, the British ... The elder Mr. Odinga advocated sharing state resources — especially the land the British settlers would leave behind — among Kenya's many ethnic ...


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