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updated Mon. June 6, 2022

The David Horowitz Freedom Center's bold new campaign to expose the rampant anti-Semitism and dangerous, genocidal rhetoric of Students for ... fact-based posters that detail the virulent Jew-hatred of these activists and the neo-Nazi-sympathizing professors who try to grant them moral authority.

David Horowitz and David Mamet, two powerhouse American intellectuals and brilliant writers, each had a “Saul on the Road to Damascus” moment in their enormously productive adult lives. The result? ... At great risk to his writing and entertainment career, Mamet admitted he had embraced conservatism.
... seemed hodgepodge at best, oscillating between the paranoid style of its chief ideologue, Martin Bosma (a Dutch David Horowitz of sorts), and naked opportunism ... Baudet defines this term, taken from the conservative British philosopher Roger Scruton, as a “pathological aversion” to the national home.
These murders were committed by two African-American brothers with all white victims. The case did not get much national attention at the time, and conservative writers including Michelle Malkin and David Horowitz said it showed the bias of the mainstream media. which would not touch a case with black ...
Live from the Saving California event we interview David Horowitz, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, concluding with Michelle Balconi. This event for activists was held on March 17th, 2018 at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center, Los Angeles. We sit down with David Horowitz, Charlie Kirk, and ...
A group of students and faculty at Brooklyn College are facing allegations by some critics of behavior ranging from racism and antisemitism to outright support of terrorism. Those being accused of such activity, including the college's Students for Justice in Palestine president, are fighting back against what ...
Best-selling author David Horowitz finds social justice to be a loaded term. “To progressives, the world is a fallen place — beset by racism, sexism, homophobia, and the rest — that must be transformed and made right. This redemption was once called communism and is now called socialism, or 'social ...
I'm used to being vilified by the far left as a bloodthirsty neocon warmonger for the Original Sin of having supported the invasion of Iraq along with 72 percent of the American public. It has been a little more surprising to be simultaneously vilified by the far right as a dangerous left-winger. David Horowitz's ...
“I have excellent recommendations from notable conservatives like David Horowitz, Dinesh D'Souza, and Sean Hannity, each of whom tells me they have specifically reached out to Kellyanne Conway or Steve Bannon to recommend me,” Jackson asserted in the email. (Through a Fox News spokesperson, ...
Running short of reasoned arguments, many attempted to push conservative buttons with high impact visuals. ... On Front Page – an outlet led by David Horowitz, whose main stock in trade is virulent Islamophobia – Bruce Thornton decried Hogg's “profanity laced tantrums” and reduced him and his fellow ...


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