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updated Sun. June 2, 2024

The gala will also award two 2018 Courage Awards, which will be presented to Oklahoma Rights activist Clara Luper and dean of OU's College of International Studies Suzette Grillot. According to the press release, Luper has been described as the “mother of Oklahoma's civil rights movement,” as she was ...
Clara Luper will have her name forever attached to one of the university's newest academic departments. The OU Board of Regents approved the measure in its regular meeting last week. "We honor Clara Luper as a trailblazer for human rights and as a symbol of the university's commitment to equal ...

"What I tell students is people like Clara Luper, Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, they would tell you they weren't special individuals," Hill said. "But they made a decision to fight for certain things, speak about certain things. And in making that decision, it allowed them to be considered great. They made ...
OU president David Boren began his portion of the meeting by proposing that the new African and African American Studies Department be named for Clara Luper, one of OU's first black students and leader of the first sit-in during the Civil Rights Movement. advertisement. The board approved Boren's ...
According to the press release, Luper was instrumental in fighting for an end to segregation in Oklahoma. “We honor Clara Luper as a trailblazer for human rights and as a symbol of the university's commitment to equal opportunity for all people,” said OU President David L. Boren at the meeting, according ...

Then there's Clara Luper, the Oklahoma Hall of Famer known nationally for her outspoken and peaceful advocacy of civil rights that led to desegregation of Oklahoma City's restaurants and amusement parks in the late '50s and '60s. I remember meeting Luper when she requested coverage of a cause.
In this episode, George Henderson, a noted activist, human relations scholar and educator, joins host Dick Pryor for a discussion on racial equality. The program originally aired on OETA November 3, 2011. You'll find the video at OETA.TV. Tags: KGOU Sunday Radio Matinee · Clara Luper · TweetShareGoogle+Email.

Where are the buildings named after Civil Rights leader Clara Luper? Oklahoma native Ralph Ellison? Cherokee leader Wilma Mankiller? Murray and North Murray halls, at this moment, memorialize former governor William Murray, a man who frequently made claims that all Jewish people should be ...
Clara Luper", an OETA production that offers personal interviews with famous and influential Oklahomans about their lives and contributions to the state. In this episode, the late Clara Luper joins host Dick Pryor for a discussion on sit-ins, civil rights and her work as a leading social reformer. The program ...
But my white bread education was shorted. There was no mention of Willie O'Ree or Sarah Breedlove or Ada Sipuel or Clara Luper or Guy Bluford or hundreds of others whose stories were buried under the accolades showered upon white entrepreneurs, white athletes, white scientists and white explorers.
Clara Luper, the adviser of the Oklahoma City NAACP Youth Council, organized the nation's first publicized sit-in in 1958 at a Katz drugstore in an effort to end segregation in Oklahoma. According to the Oklahoma Historical Society, Luper continued her quest for equality by participating in marches and ...
OKLAHOMA CITY - Clara Luper no doubt helped change history. Luper held the first sit-in at an Oklahoma City drugstore, which eventually led to Katz drug stores ending segregation in multiple states. "She really impacted society and she impacted the state," said Baylee Melot, a sixth grader at St. Philip ...


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