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updated Wed. November 15, 2023

Previous medallion recipients have included Judge Guido Calabresi, legal scholars H. L. A. Hart and William W. Van Alstyne, Judge Shirley M. Hufstedler, Judge Richard A. Posner, attorney Lloyd Cutler and numerous associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, among them William J.
“We won when the Supreme Court took the case, for this very reason,” the veteran Washington lawyer said. “Lloyd Cutler [the White House counsel] and I broke out a bottle of champagne because we knew that before the 1996 election he would not be deposed. ... My mission really was to get the thing on ...

Yes he's Lloyd Cutler but they're out as well yeah but everywhere and it usually does for this year I mean you've known as you might ignite gather around the radio. In this effort to it and we with a background music yeah but that's put put about it night tomorrow for the 64000 dollar question who who would ...
But he's really available commit a caller of the day you're right yeah we said Lloyd Cutler anywhere in the I don't know I I thought it was really possible they would trading in the summer in the summer right but it's I didn't think you could put a deal to get you may not be able to. According to Bob McKenzie part ...
Selectman Lloyd Cutler said a visual inspection revealed the berms on either side of the bridge were not washed out. “The bridge was so cleanly folded that it appeared that a tree or something hit the middle of the bridge and moved it off the abutments,” Cutler noted. The meeting was held prior to a Special ...

Every Passover, meanwhile, Wieseltier presided at a Seder attended by the likes of Ted Koppel and Establishment lawyer Lloyd Cutler. By all accounts, Leon and monogamy were not on good terms. “How can I be with the same woman every night?” he once confided to a female friend. “Do you expect me to eat at the same ...
I had invited Ralph and the chief lobbyist for the auto industry — Lloyd Cutler — to sit in separate rooms and read what I was writing in a 48 hour period. Each of them had a shot at criticizing what I was writing. It drove the auto lobbyists crazy that I would put Ralph and Cutler together. Ralph was in one room ...

The fifth annual Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program brought together 56 students to Washington, D.C. last month, including students from Yale Law School and peers from 10 other leading U.S. law schools. Idriss Fofana '18, Elizabeth King '18, Zachary Seth Mollengarden '18, Leo O'Toole '17, and Paul Rink ...
... picked primarily because of their allegiance to the president. Seasoned veterans tapped for the job in recent decades include Fred Fielding, who served Bush and President Ronald Reagan, Lloyd Cutler, who served Clinton and President Jimmy Carter, and Ab Mikva, a former judge and Congressman, ...
Last night, I gave the Sixth Annual Lloyd Cutler Lecture on Rule of Law at the Supreme Court, in which I spoke about the domestic and international law applicable to the use of military force by the next President. The text is here and excerpts are below: It will be critical for President Trump, Vice President ...
... boring is better,” White House communications adviser David Dreyer wrote in a memo on the upcoming hearings to Lloyd Cutler, special counsel to the president, in June 1994. The memo was released Friday as part of a cache of nearly 10,000 pages of documents from the Clinton Presidential Library.
2005-05-09 04:00:00 PDT Washington -- Lloyd Cutler, 87, a Washington legal mandarin for six decades who served as White House counsel under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, died Sunday at his home. He had complications from a broken hip. Cutler was a commanding presence among the ...


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