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updated Thu. February 15, 2024

"There's a movie going to come out soon called 'The Last Laugh' with Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss. It's a pretty good flick," said Black about the comedy film that will be distributed by Netflix. "I play a comic. Chevy Chase was my manager and I left him to go on my own. Then he comes back and asks ...

McHale also shares what it was like to play a young Chevy Chase, the status of a "Community" movie and what happened with his CBS sitcom. ... The comedian's new Netflix series “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale” looks a bit like his long-running E! series “The Soup,” thanks to the green screen, ...
There's early stars who became comedy gods like John Belushi and Chevy Chase; later alums who first got famous on the show like Mike Myers and Adam Sandler; people who had established careers before their “SNL” bid, like Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Christopher Guest and Alec Baldwin; people who ...
Diners Tout the Avenue as a Welcome Addition to Chevy Chase ... space includes a recently-renovated upper private event space for 100; a kid-friendly, downstairs den with a projector for a “Murray Monday” movie series featuring flicks starring comedic legend Bill Murray; and a 30-seat outdoor patio.
The wife of comedian Chevy Chase, she said her environmental efforts can be found in their own home. Her husband joined her at the award ceremony. “My passion for environmental education is my life force,” Jayni said. “When my adorable husband and I met many years ago, he talked to me so passionately about his ...
He's funny anywhere, even in places where laughter is hard-won, like on “Regis and Kelly” or Chevy Chase's short-lived talk show. He's even funny when he's hiking. Of all the truly great modern talk-show guests—a list that includes Amy Sedaris, Norm Macdonald, and just a handful of others—it is Short ...
Comedian Chevy Chase was kicked in the shoulder after he chased and then confronted a driver who cut him off, New York State police say. The road rage incident took place in New Jersey on Feb. 9, police told The Journal News, after a 22-year-old man from Long Island cut off Chase in South Nyack.
Directed by Alex Timbers, the stage adaptation of Tim Burton's cult comedy will begin performances in October at Washington, D.C.'s National Theatre. ... and Kurt Deutsch this week announced development of Broadway Vacation, based on the National Lampoon screen franchise with Chevy Chase.


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