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updated Tue. December 26, 2023

According to his spokesman, Zhukov knew Angert and Leonid Minin, an international arms dealer, who was one of the inspirations for Yuri Orlov, the fictional character played by Nicolas Cage in the film Lord of War. Minin was arrested in 2000 when police found him in a Milan hotel with four prostitutes, ...

Judging from Odesa Mayor Hennady Trukhanov's latest income declaration, he has no foreign business interests. Zero. Yet according to the Panama Papers, Trukhanov is a veritable titan of business. The Panama Papers are confidential business records of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, ...
Most notorious among those who received logging concessions during this period was international arms dealer Leonid Minin, who is presently in hiding over his dealings at the time. One case being adjudicated under Dutch law involves The Oriental Timber Corporation ran by Dutch national Gus ...
In 2003, he told a Times Magazine reporter, half jokingly, that he was “second only to Osama” on America's most-wanted list. A year later, the Bush Administration filed an executive order targeting the finances of Liberia's Charles Taylor, his top aides, and two European arms dealers: Bout and Leonid Minin.
Take Leonid Minin, one of the most notorious suppliers of arms to former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor – Taylor who fuelled the press-ganged child soldiers he unleashed on neighbouring Sierra Leone with a psychotic mix of Kalashnikovs and drip-fed amphetamines. Minin was finally taken down not ...
Bribes are a depressingly constant feature of The Shadow World, whether it is the £40 billion Al Yamamah arms deal between BAE and Saudi Arabia, “arguably the most corrupt transaction in trading history”, or the illegal payments made by arms dealers like Ukrainian-Israeli Leonid Minin, who supplied ...
A decade after a brutal civil war, the West African nation of Liberia has partnered with the European Union on a novel system for protecting its remaining forests — marking every harvestable tree so it can be traced to its final destination. But given Liberia's history of conflict and corruption, will it work?


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