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updated Mon. October 17, 2016

[For a detailed examination of how effective this policy could be, I strongly suggest you read Eric Weinstein's National Bureau of Economic Research draft working paper titled, "How and Why government, Universities, and Industry Create Domestic Labor ...
... fluid dynamics or weather patterns or similar. These lack newtonian elegance in a slightly different way than quantum mechanics does (although I will listen to an atomic physicist who disagrees with that), and I think the "problem" shares a lot ...

Being a theoretical physicist must be somewhat akin to walking a tightrope between provable reality and sheer fantasy. On the one hand no-one can dispute that apples ... An American economist, Eric Weinstein, has proposed a theoretical model of the ...
And by an outsider, working alone? American mathematical physicist-turned-hedge-fund-consultant Eric Weinstein is in the (very) early stages of revealing to the public his homemade theory of everything, developed over two decades, alone, in his spare time.
And what I found . . . economics, in a way, is very easy for a physicist to understand because it's very mathematical. And the mathematical models that they use are very clean.

physicists have a problem, and they will be the first to admit it. The two mathematical frameworks that govern ... Eric Weinstein, a consultant at a New York City hedge fund with a background in Mathematics and physics, says the solution is to find ...
A parallel episode was seen on May 23, 2013, when in a feature article in the UK Guardian, eminent Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy described the work of his "colleague" Eric Weinstein, who, according to du Sautoy, may have found the long-sought ...

Eric Weinstein's theory - he calls it geometric unity - posits a 14-dimensional "observerse", which contains our work-a-day, four-dimensional, space-time universe.
Neither I, nor any of my professional physicist friends, have the faintest clue. In fact, nobody except Eric Weinstein and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy are sufficiently familiar with the claims to venture an opinion. Until yesterday Weinstein ...
We argued endlessly about the limits of science, whether physicists will ever find a final theory, whether super strings are the real deal or just science fiction with equations.
JAMES OWEN WEATHERALL: Yeah, so one of the things that I talk about in the book at the end of the book, is an idea by one of the physicists whose work I describe, named Eric Weinstein. Now what Eric has suggests is we need an economic Manhattan ...
The fact that gauge theory also underlies economics was a groundbreaking discovery made by the economist Pia Malaney and mathematical physicist Eric Weinstein around the time of the Boskin Commission. Malaney, who was at the time an economics ...
In the near-term, Eric Weinstein has spoken about an "economic Manhattan project". This means getting a group of good scientists together, some who know a lot about economics and finance, and others, who have proved themselves in other areas of ...
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