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updated Sat. September 17, 2022

Instead, battling weakness, I flew to Tashkent and was driven 12 hours through breathtakingly remote country by a couple of nuclear physicists who needed to make a buck – the economy was a shambles and I never met a single Kyrgyz who did not long to be back in the USSR. Nurturing my strength and ...

Creating this "quark-gluon plasma" mimics the conditions of the very early universe and gives scientists a way to explore the force that governs how these fundamental particles interact. The nuclear physicists conduct these studies by tracking the particles emerging from the collisions. One intriguing finding ...
Because the University of Chicago is currently celebrating the 75th anniversary of the discovery of controllable self-sustained nuclear fission, Grayson said it's fitting to bring a play about nuclear physicists to their campus. “ETOPiA uses the arts to help people understand how technology interacts with and ...
... Street firms have been known to hire nuclear physicists to help them build complex, quantitative models. And for good reason: It turns out that investing in capital markets and running a nuclear power station might have more in common than at first blush. In a 121-page note on trust in asset management, ...
In a study published March 26 in Physical Review Letters, nuclear physicists from the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and other institutions working on the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR experiment have shown that they can shield a sensitive, scalable, ...
Washington University's physics department offered positions to two female tenure-track faculty members this semester. Nuclear physicists Maria Piarulli and Saori Pastore formally accepted the positions earlier this month and will become the only women tenure-track physics faculty. The physics ...


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