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updated Mon. February 12, 2024

Washington, DC – United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Ranking Member of the ... According to reports, an unknown investor, or multiple investors, purchased 872,394 shares of stock in Navient – 24 percent of the student loan company's trading volume that day – before the action was public.

Members of Massachusetts' congressional delegation who have previously raised concerns about Betsy DeVos leading the Department of Education, released a new report Thursday suggesting that the secretary's tenure has "been a boon for shady for-profit colleges, student loan companies and school ...
Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) with a standing ovation as she strode onto the stage at Wachusett Regional High School on Sunday. The occasion ... Warren also called for help who people who are struggling under student loan debt, a better national budget and each person paying their fair share of taxes.
The Department of Education is looking into loosening bankruptcy laws for student loan borrowers unable to repay their debt. ... This fact prompted a number of Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, to send a letter to former Education Secretary Arne Duncan requesting more specific criteria be ...
She praised portions of the federal budget that invest in child care and child-care workers; allocate funds to bring down student loan and establish a debt-forgiveness program for those working in the public sector, such as firefighters, police, etc.; provide limited funding for infrastructure repairs (not enough, ...
Getting student loans discharged through bankruptcy is notoriously difficult. A 2005 federal law barred most student loan borrowers from that option unless they could demonstrate that they would suffer undue hardship from being forced to pay the loans. Congress, however, has never defined what undue ...
Under the new budget, subsidized loans are scrapped, which means students will unwillingly rack up interest on federal student loans regardless of their income. Generally, the ... Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, has made oversight of student loan servicers a top priority. Along with ...
Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, has made oversight of student loan servicers a top priority. Along with Senator Bernie Sanders, ... “Congress promised nurses, teachers, police officers and other public servants a future without crushing student loans. Bad loan servicing, program ...
FRANKLIN - Wrentham resident Larry Grant chose to get personal when he stepped up to the microphone to quiz U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday. He described his .... Warren spoke for about an hour, advocating for reducing student loan debt, improving health care and fighting climate change.
Nearly six billion of that bill is earmarked specifically for federal childcare funding—the result of a huge push from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who ... It would invest meaningfully in college affordability and help teachers, police officers, nurses, firefighters, and others struggling with student loan debt.


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