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updated Mon. April 1, 2024

Most of these journals are excluded from prestigious journal indexes, thus perpetuating the ideology that English is the global academic lingua franca. ... As well, policy makers and administrators often lack an understanding of what's needed for English-medium publishing: financial resources to conduct ...
An able academic administrator, he then served as senior vice president for academic affairs at the University of Minnesota in 1975, chancellor for the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1979 and president of the UA in 1982. In 1991, the Arizona Board of Regents appointed him president emeritus.

Andrew Pearl, director of academic engagement at UNG, has been selected to a group of 24 academic administrators and faculty to participate in a ... (UNG), has been accepted as one of 24 participants for Elon University's Center for Engaged Learning 2018-20 research seminar on capstone experiences.
Amy Whitney, associate director of an entrepreneurship program at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., is the sole finalist in the hunt for a new director of the ... UND has selected a finalist for an administrator search as it whittles down a batch of applicants looking to serve as dean of its business school.
“In Laura, we are blessed to have hired someone who has a record of being a successful academic administrator, leads with faith and has pre-established relationships with the extended CMH community” said Ann Marie Wick, Catholic Memorial board chairman and search committee member. Anderson ...

The Admin 101 series, on leadership in higher education, looks at how to become an academic administrator and how to survive and thrive in the job. ... In contrast, many administrators stumble because they make the fatal mistake of thinking they can — through a display of sheer brilliance — win over the ...
It's an old story. Online programs at universities generate a conflict that again and again sets administrators against professors. The former see online education as a way to increase access to education, boost enrollment (or get around enrollment caps), increase the reach of a university's brand, and/or ...

He serves as the most senior level university administrator responsible for advancing university-wide diversity initiatives within student affairs at NYU's New ... In both roles, he created curricula and trained thousands of educators and K-12 upper-level administrators on how to make schools safer for every ...
If the proposal is approved by the board, it would delegate to DiPietro and his staff the ability to create procedures by which the policy is carried out, which he said would be done with the input of administrators, campus chancellors and academic officers and faculty. "The process would be fair, transparent ...
Student leaders said the survey will shed light on the highs and lows of GW's academic advising system by providing both the SA and administrators with data about how well the system is working. Karisa Anand, the SA's director of academic affairs who has been working on the project, said she began ...
“Hiring Matt for the provost position is a huge step for our campus as it continues its path toward a bigger and bolder vision,” said University of Providence President Tony Aretz in a press release. “His leadership, integrity, and humility bring a broad base of experience that will enable him to lead significant ...
Administrators said at the time that the cuts were aimed at improving student success, not trimming a $2.5-million budget deficit. They explained that first-generation students get overwhelmed by too many academic options. In an email to The Chronicle on Tuesday, a Superior spokeswoman said faculty ...
The extent of administrative power can be perceived in part in the responses one receives when challenging administrators or even engaging them in constructive, collegial debate. Argue with an administrator that she may be mistaken about a given policy or practice, say that you and your colleagues have ...
Now Bacow—a long-time academic administrator—will once again have the opportunity to interact with Boston-area undergraduates in his capacity as university president. This time, however, those students live two metro stops south on the Red Line. Though Bacow was just announced as Harvard's 29th ...
The pay disparity at the heart of MacCorquodale's claim has long been a problem for women at nearly every level of the academic workplace, including administration. According to a recent research brief on the gender pay gap among administrators, including deans, women earn about eighty cents on ...


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