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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

Trump has used Twitter to announce the "fake news awards;" to promote his favorite Fox News shows like "Justice with Judge Jeanine" and "Fox and Friends" and to announce military strikes in Syria. Pronouncing military strategy in the same manner as his demagoguery diminishes the importance of ... military

She said a comprehensive Syria strategy relies on setting a time line for Assad to step down from power, enforced by countries like Jordan. "I believe the future of Syria is one without the Assad regime," Stefanik said. No-fly zones are controversial solutions. Retired Army colonel and military historian ...
ISIS and al-Qaida are regrouping in war-torn Libya as reports indicate Russians are pushing a military presence into the years-long civil war and some ... the extent that we are investing in a sort of long-range counterterrorism approach, it's a containment strategy and it's built entirely on this," Blanchard said.
India is setting up a Defense Planning Committee (DPC), described as the new "Strategic Think Tank," to formulate national military and security strategy and oversee foreign acquisitions and sales. Amusingly, the 'Top Comment' in the above news link reads, "Hats off to Modi for buying new Tanks ...

The development is a significant move in India's defence strategic environment, keeping in mind that the country faces military threats from Pakistan and China, is trying to optimise its limited defence budget while dealing with major acquisitions and is working towards building indigenous ...
The committee's wide ranging charge will include inter-connected subjects like defence diplomacy, manufacturing and policy and strategy that can bring together expertise in the government to one table. The new committee is also expected, to some extent, fill the gap caused by the absence of a ... thinktank
Countries recognize that artificial intelligence is a strategic technology that could be critical to future military power, so it is hardly surprising that major militaries may hesitate to constrain development, particularly at a time when rivals and potential adversaries are actively seeking an advantage. Why might ... thinktank
Once again, the U.S. military has launched Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syria, as well as a new weapon called the JASSM-ER, described as “a stealthy long-range air-fired cruise missile.” According to FP: Foreign Policy, the latter weapon is “likely being closely watched in Tokyo, where military ... thinktank
Kaine was also among several Democratic lawmakers that questioned Trump's legal authority to carry out the strike. “I don't think the Article II justifies them,” Kaine said, referring to the president's constitutional authority to use military force to protect the national interest from immediate threats. Rep. thinktank
2Take advantage of the threat of further U.S. military operations. Bashar Assad should be told that any attack by his forces, or by Iranian-controlled militias, on U.S. and allied forces in the sectors of Syria where they operate will be met with swift, unannounced retribution. Next time the U.S. could up the ante. thinktank
"I'm deeply concerned that President Trump continues to conduct military operations without any comprehensive strategy or the necessary congressional authorization," Booker said. "Every American, and particularly our men and women in uniform and their families, deserve far better than action without ... thinktank
And the foreign sources that Trump ultimately punished with tariffs – including military allies such as Japan, Taiwan, and Turkey – were finalized less than twelve hours before the tariffs went into effect in March. In a world of just-in-time production, this was well after the cargo ships had left the foreign port. thinktank
Analysis Of U.S.-Led Airstrikes On Syria After Suspected Chemical Attack. Become a sponsor ? Noel King talks to Kori Schake, who served on President George W. Bush's National Security Council, about the U.S. military strategy in Syria after President Trump launched airstrikes. Copyright 2018 NPR. thinktank
Meanwhile, excessive spending would energize domestic critics of the regime, adding political instability to economic and military strain. The implosion of the Soviet Union soon after seemed to validate this approach. Weinberger was describing a concept known as competitive strategies — efforts to coax ... thinktank
There are important similarities in the Obama and Trump strategies for the Middle East. They both want to use American military power freely and sparingly. Neither are comfortable with the extended duration of supporting fledgling governments and building partner capacity. Both undercut American public ... thinktank

One month later, in January 2018, the Pentagon released the unclassified version of its National Defense Strategy, which stated that "China is a strategic competitor." Thanks to these documents, we now know how the American military―and the broader national security community―officially views China. thinktank
... when our military struck targets in Syria in response to another chemical weapons attack, I warned that such an action with no strategy to back it up would fail,” he said. “Tonight's announcement seems like history repeating, and there's no reason to expect a different result absent a broader Syria strategy.” ... thinktank
Bombing alone won't solve the conflict in Syria — a comprehensive military strategy is necessary, and that's something that should go before Congress for approval, members of the Bay State congressional delegation said in a series of reactions quickly posted via Twitter. “Anyone who uses chemical ... thinktank
Bombing alone won't solve the conflict in Syria -- a comprehensive military strategy is necessary -- and that's something that should go before Congress for approval, said members of the Bay State congressional delegation. “Assad must be held accountable for his horrific use of chemical weapons on his ... thinktank
The possibility of airstrikes against Syria demonstrates yet again how policy undermines military strategy. On April 12, Britain's emergency “war cabinet” sat to deliberate airstrikes against President Bashar al-Assad's forces in Syria as a response to yet another chemical attack against his own people. By late ... thinktank
His objective was to reiterate America's commitment to Djibouti, which is home to the only U.S. military base in Africa. His visit also spoke to the U.S. desire to remain relevant in Africa, where China's presence is rapidly expanding. Starting with Djibouti, China is testing an emerging strategy of using its ... thinktank
After days of pushing a hard-line stance on immigration, President Donald Trump has vowed to send the U.S. military to guard the country's border with Mexico until his long-promised wall can be built. Speaking Tuesday during a lunch meeting with leaders of the Baltic States, the president said the U.S. ... thinktank
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, in his recently published National Defense Strategy, declared that professional military education had “stagnated.” He called for more intellectual leadership, a deeper knowledge of history, and more ingenuity. So here's a suggestion for Mattis: send your officers to the theater. thinktank
This structure became the bedrock of the U.S. military's force structure and strategy, exemplified today through the unclassified summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy. In the document, Secretary of Defense James Mattis detailed his vision for the U.S. armed forces: to “defeat” one major power, “deter” aggression ... thinktank
The conventional strategic environment is the oldest, and historically has moved between “offense-advantaged,” (such as maneuvered, mechanized warfare) to “defense-advantaged,” (trench warfare). The security of the state rested with its ability to field military forces to contest the adversary. Distinct from ... thinktank
And everywhere I go, I hear that the military is switching its focus from counterinsurgency to conventional conflict. This is in keeping with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' National Defense Strategy, which states: "Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security. thinktank
In the meantime, the lack of a comprehensive strategy for the broader region that links means to ends is apparent from the deserts of Libya to the mountains of Afghanistan. While there is no military solution to the conflicts roiling this region and we must be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past, it is ... thinktank
For March, we're zooming off into the Koprulu Sector for Blizzard Entertainment's interstellar shoot-em-up military strategy classic, StarCraft. ... For its time, it was recognized as the finest example of a real-time strategy game and even at 20 years old, remains an entertaining exercise in science fiction battle ... thinktank
“This was Steve Bannon's baby,” said former contractor Christopher Wylie, who described Cambridge Analytica as “Bannon's arsenal of weaponry to wage a culture war on America using military strategies.” Bannon wanted to use the sorts of aggressive messaging tactics usually reserved for geopolitical ... thinktank
And everywhere I go, I hear that the military is switching its focus from counterinsurgency to conventional conflict. This is in keeping with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' National Defense Strategy, which states: “Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security. thinktank
“Perhaps the most transformative applications of military machine intelligence are in command and control (C2),” the report notes. “MI-enabled C2 could develop entirely novel strategies, anticipate enemy tactics, accelerate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and help coordinate activities of ... thinktank
Professional militaries look to their doctrine to determine how they will conduct military operations against their adversaries. More than simple tactics or procedures, doctrine links a nation's military force to its strategic and national security objectives. Doctrine provides a framework for the military to operate within; it is meant ... thinktank
Pakistan figures prominently in the U.S. strategy. Mattis wants to continue military action against the Taliban and force them to negotiate peace by demonstrating superior military strength. At the same time, Pakistan is being pressured to give up supporting terrorists. The Trump administration has suspended ... thinktank
Today, after decades of relative calm across the Pacific region, Wake Island is taking on renewed strategic importance. China is aggressively growing its military and pushing its footprint deeper into the Pacific, and wants to coax neighbors to shed old economic and military ties to the United States and ... thinktank
His account of what happened there leading up to the rebels' surrender in the summer of 2016 offers a window into the military strategy of the Syrian regime and its allies. Daraya was placed under tight siege in November 2012. Just like the Ghouta offensive, food stocks dwindled. Naqrash describes how ... thinktank
U.S. military strategy has shifted from an emphasis on drone technology and air strikes against terrorists following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The Pentagon is now looking to boost stealth undersea warfare as the U.S. faces threats from China, Iran and Russia. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said ... thinktank
The more than 2,200-page bill includes nearly $700 billion for the military and $591 billion in non-defense spending. At least $2.9 billion of that money ... “To meet the strategic objectives outlined in the National Defense Strategy, we'll need to continue to increase investment for at least the next five years.” ... thinktank
“This is the Trump-Jim Mattis budget for the military,” Ryan said on air. “This funds the wall, fixes the military, fights opioids, does the things that we said and does not fund Gateway — gives Donald Trump the decision on Gateway.” The strategy became clear: focus Trump on the military spending. Repeat ... thinktank
First of all, a complete review of America's military strategy is long overdue. Why are we there? What are our objectives? Does what we're doing have a reasonable chance of achieving those objectives? Are there other tactics and strategies that make more sense? Would there be a better way to spend ... thinktank
The hard work of Afghan and coalition personnel in the train, advise, assist strategy is already paying off, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is encouraged by the progress. ... Joe Dunford told reporters traveling with him “that from a military dimension, I am enthusiastic about the prospects for 2018. thinktank
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., meets with reporters following a closed-door Republican strategy session on Capitol Hill in Washington, ... WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional leaders finalized a sweeping $1.3 trillion budget bill Wednesday that substantially boosts military and domestic ... thinktank
Victor Davis Hanson, a military historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, explains how deterrence – a military strategy of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences – worked in opening possible discussions between the U.S. and North Korea. Hanson also ... thinktank
Cyber-enabled economic warfare is a hostile strategy involving attacks against a nation using cyber technology with the intent to weaken its economy and thereby reduce its political and military power. While economic warfare dates back millennia, adversaries now have powerful asymmetric cyber tools ... thinktank
The unclassified version of the strategy describes offers few specifics about DoD's precise ambitions for AI, other than to say the department plans to make more investments in the field “including rapid application of commercial breakthroughs, to gain competitive military advantages.” The spending is part of ... thinktank
And we do not have a strategy of countering it and how we can defend ourselves in the information field, the educational field, the scientific field, the military field and so forth,” Ivashov says. In his essay, the commentator attempts to describe the current state of play in Russian discussions about the nature of ... thinktank
... commander of the US military in the Pacific told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that the US isn't planning a one-off "bloody nose" strike on North Korea, but rather it's planning to go all out in war or not at all. Senior administration officials are reportedly exploring the "bloody nose" strategy, which entails ... thinktank
And some said a military space force may make it harder to keep Earth's orbit a place of peace. Saying his national security strategy "recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea," Mr. Trump said at a San Diego Marine Corps base that he's considering "a space force" that ... thinktank
Firstly, for China, the different terminologies used within NATO and, more generally, in Western military doctrines such as “global strategy”, “national security strategy” or “national defense strategy” are not separate concepts or ways of thinking, but are all subsumed in the Chinese general notion of “military ... thinktank


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