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On the other hand, using a ship as a mode of transport to see several cities at a relaxed pace was a vacation that sounded appealing, and just like that, .... and caught a ballet performance of “Anna Karenina,” based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy, at Mariinsky II, a concert hall that opened a few years ago as an ...

They're for travelers who want the conveniences and amenities of a ship, but are more interested in spending time onshore than they are onboard. .... based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy, at Mariinsky II, a concert hall that opened a few years ago as an addition to the original 19th-century Mariinsky Theater.
The three men, the lookout who had first sighted the ship from a rocky outcrop called Brow Head, and the men on the mail ship itself, were all paid ... The cult spread to Russia, where forty-five years later Leo Tolstoy stated, “The greatness of Napoleon, Caesar, or Washington is only moonlight by the sun of ...
These superb 18 stories, translated from the Russian by Anya Migdal, from Tolstaya, the great grand-niece of Leo Tolstoy, is her first collection in English in two decades, and it is cause for ... (His “magnificent and beautiful nature never flagged”, Ball writes in a prelude that lends resonance to his tale.) ...
Top officials in Putin's administration also made the list including Leo Tolstoy's great-grandson Vladimir Tolstoy, a culture adviser; and Vladimir Medinsky, the culture minister. ... Alisher Usmanov also provided the financial means for the restoration of the infamous clipper ship Cutty Sark in London.
A one-of-a-kind midcentury home in Southern California. Photos courtesy of The Morgan Group. Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day? Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We'd love to see what you've got. Location: Alta Loma ...
Malloy doesn't appear to mind—perhaps because the whole turn of events seems a comic misfortune worthy of Tolstoy's bumbling hero. Much as Lin-Manuel Miranda felt an unlikely kinship with Alexander Hamilton, Malloy saw himself in Pierre, whom Tolstoy describes as “fat, unusually tall, broad, with ...
A nuclear icebreaker (foreground) and liquid cargo carrier ply the Northern Sea Route in 1996. .... She calls it an example of the Anna Karenina principle: Just like Tolstoy's famous opening line about happy families, healthy microbiomes tend to look very similar, but every unhealthy microbiome is unhealthy ...


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