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 merchant vessel Faina

cargo ship Faina with Somali pirates
cargo ship Faina with Somali pirates
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updated Sun. November 19, 2023

(Image: Crew of the MV Faina and their captors. The cargo ship was seized on 25 September 2008.) It was early morning on 31 October 2010, at the height of a wave of Somali piracy attacks. My security team and I were travelling on a chemical tanker from Beira, Mozambique to Dar es Salamm, Tanzania.

In September 2008, Somali pirates in small boats hijacked the MV Faina, a Belize-flagged cargo ship carrying a cargo of Ukrainian T-72 tanks and related ... Global Maritime Crime Programme, said of the March 13 hijacking of the Aris 13 freighter in waters off Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region.


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