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updated Mon. April 15, 2024

As the world again commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day, much of the news this year focused on a new national survey, conducted by Schoen Consulting for the Claims Conference, to assess just how much Americans, especially young Americans, know about the Holocaust today.

As a matter of preference, television sitcoms rank somewhere behind handyman shows and zombie apocalypse series when it comes to my viewing habits. But like 25 million other Americans last week, I watched the societal/political phenomenon that is “Roseanne.” For me, watching this working-class ...
Someone once told me, “Numbers will be the death of you.” He may yet be right, but at the risk of a premature demise, I'm going to attempt to enter the mathematical belly of the beast and tackle the argument underway in political circles on the average or mean number of House seats Republicans are likely ...
The Holocaust survey should be a wake-up call for everyone concerned that the “past can be prologue.” It was for me. This column is for you, Mr. Michele. We won't forget. David Winston is the president of The Winston Group and a longtime adviser to congressional Republicans. He previously served as ...


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