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Michael DeKort was a Lockheed Martin project manager who posted a whistleblowing video on after he objected to what he felt were failure to meet contractual requirements of C4I systems onboard United States Coast Guard’s 123 Coast Guard Cutter, manufactured for the Deepwater program. Before speaking publically through his YouTube video, DeKort brought these issues to the attention of immediate management and then to higher up executives, including the CEO of Lockheed Martin and the Board of Directors. After his pressing concerns were continually ignored for two years, he was discharged from Lockheed Martin and as a result, DeKort went public with his YouTube account in 2006. DeKort’s video gained a wide amount of exposure and it eventually led to a congressional hearing on the entire Deepwater project. As a result, the boats were taken out of service, engineer changes were made, and a settlement was reached regarding the electronic issues. The U.S. Coast Guard took over the program and the DOJ is aggressively pursuing the contractors responsible for the buckled hulls. In 2008, DeKort received the Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Service in the Public Interest.

Michael DeKort
Michael DeKort
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