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updated Wed. May 15, 2024

(Chas T. Main was an American consulting company headquartered in Boston. Perkins was a senior economist and economic adviser there. His job was to arrange credits from the World Bank for developing countries, making their governments dependent on American companies. In addition, loans were ...

Sputnik: When working for Chas T. Main, an American consulting firm, you were involved in providing loans to developing countries. How large were those loans? John Perkins: You know it's difficult to recall because I was involved in this business back in the 1970s. The amount of a loan was different at the ...
What happened to the American ideal of progress?” Stone asks. “While we see the projections of American power abroad, the homeland suffers from industrial de-evolution.” Through a series of excerpted interviews with John Perkins, a former chief economist with Chas. T. Main; former Wall Street insiders ...
The economic loss doctrine (ELD) is one of the most referenced, and perhaps one of the most frequently misunderstood, legal rules. Unless you have a case in states such as Arkansas or Louisiana, where the ELD has not been expressly adopted, the majority of the rest of the United States have some form ...


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