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updated Sat. July 13, 2024

According to Wikipedia La Roux “created E4M, an open-source free Windows disk encryption software program, in 1999, and is a suspected creator of the open-source TrueCrypt, which is based on E4M's code.” He is also said to have ordered the assassination of six people. Here is some additional information thanks to ...
La Roux is a former computer programmer and a former criminal cartel boss and informant to the DEA. Per Wikipedia, La Roux “created E4M, an open-source free Windows disk encryption software program, in 1999, and is a suspected creator of the open-source TrueCrypt, which is based on E4M's code.

VeraCrypt 1.22 is a new version of the popular cross-platform encryption software that parent company Idrassi established as the primary unofficial successor of the encryption software TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt development ended under mysterious circumstances in 2014. The developers published a message ...
Having acquired the use of TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt forked the former app and corrected the vulnerabilities, while adding some changes to strengthen the way in which the files are stored. VeraCrypt creates a virtually encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a disk that can be read by the OS. It can encrypt ...
If you happen to be the user of TrueCrypt, then you will love using this tool. VeraCrypt is a successor of Truecrypt that was phased out a year ago. This tool also allows a user to convert the files under TrueCrypt to the format in Veracrypt making it easy for the users to shift from Truecrypt to the new VeraCrypt.

VeraCrypt is probably the best direct replacement for TrueCrypt as it mirrors its functionality almost perfectly. The other alternatives have features that vary significantly, though all provide some form of drive encryption. For instance, some of them only allow individual file encryption as opposed to entire ...
TrueCrypt was a popular open source, on-the-fly encryption application that allowed you to work with encrypted files as you would work on files located on a regular drive. Without on-the-fly encryption, actively working with encrypted files is an enormous pain and the outcome is usually either that people ...

However, the Gibson Research Corporation argues TrueCrypt is still safe to use. TrueCrypt 7.1a is the last real version, released in February, 2012 and used by millions of people since then. TrueCrypt's open-source code is currently undergoing an independent audit — work that started before the abrupt ...
The genesis of TrueCrypt turns out to be as full of intrigue as the uses of it. The encryption software came up in my own reporting, in a story I've been researching for two years about a programmer named Paul Le Roux, who built a global drug, arms, and money-laundering cartel out of a base in the ...
TrueCrypt continues to fascinate even though it hasn't been updated in more than a year and has been cleared of backdoors in more than one extensive audit. The German government's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is the latest to inspect and analyze the security of the abandoned open ...
If you're still using TrueCrypt to protect your Windows disks, even though its developers abandoned it and said it was "not secure" last year, you may want to stop that. Google Project Zero researcher James Forshaw found two "privilege elevation" holes in the popular software that would give attackers full ...


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